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Modeling Experience, Will It Help You Win a Pageant?

by michellefieldllc on November 2, 2017

Modeling experience

Modeling experience. It seems that a lot of pageant winners also have some sort of modeling on their resume. They may model with an agency or simply be a brand ambassador. Clients are now asking if they need to become a model to even hope to win a pageant. I believe that it may or may not help. Let me explain.

No, it doesn’t help you win a pageant.

I believe that a contestant can win a pageant without any modeling experience. Some women simply have “it” which is a total package of interview skills and stage presence. Some contestants work with a coach to develop the “it” factor and are successful. As a matter of fact, many agencies will not allow their models to even compete in a pageant due to conflict of interest with the pageant sponsors.

Yes, it does help you win a pageant.

As someone who has been runway modeling since I was three, there is a certain comfort level that comes with spending lots of hours on the runway. Yes, I still get nervous before each show, but I also have the confidence that I know what I am doing. That confidence will convey to any stage, including the pageant runway. So, in a way, it does help a contestant win a pageant. Here are some ways to get started.

Take a class.

The first thing I recommend is to take a class. There are many modeling classes taught throughout the nation. As a Barbizon instructor, I not only taught runway modeling, but also etiquette, print modeling, makeup and more. These schools are usually a national chain and have an agency associated with them to help you find jobs. The downside is that if you actually sign a contact, you will likely have to forfeit competing in pageants.

Work with a walking coach.

Another way to learn runway skills is to work with a walking coach. Many of these types of coaches are associated with Bridal, Prom and Pageant shops. They will primarily focus only on what you need to look good at a fashion show. The fee is generally less expensive than a full modeling class. You will get the basics of runway modeling which is enough to get you started.

Volunteer to model.

Wait, you mean not all models are paid? It’s true! Many stores and malls will hold fashion shows to promote the latest season’s clothing and accessories. I’v been modeling for a local store for years. All I did was mention to the manager that I am a model and she asked me to be in the next show. I also get a discount on the clothing I purchase and that is a great bonus. I also know several young ladies who model for our local outlet mall and TV stations. Just get your name out there to start modeling.

Ultimately, the more time you can spend on a runway, the more comfortable you will be on any stage. That translates into confidence for the judges and can help you win. Judges are looking for someone who has sparkle on stage. That sparkle can come from the confidence gained from modeling experience.

Are you ready to work with a walking coach? Put my years of experience to use in a private coaching class. I can work with you in person or via Skype/FaceTime.  Sign up for your private package today and you are one step closer to being fabulous on stage!







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