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Best Beginner Pageant

by michellefieldllc on February 16, 2017

The Best Beginners Pageant

I was asked to recommend the best beginner pageant. Although the pageant I am going to recommend is not a true beginner’s pageant, it is a great pageant for both beginners and seasoned competitors. Many people are familiar with National American Miss, but fewer are aware of it’s origins with the Miss American Coed Pageant.

This pageant has remained smaller and more personal, in my opinion. The director attends many of the state pageants. The smaller size of the groups for age division makes this pageant less intimidating. Instead of competing with 50 to 100+ girls, there are usually about 10-20 in each age division. I also love the areas of competition.

Personal Introduction

Each competitor has a 20 second introduction. They stand on the stage by themselves with a microphone. This introduction is their chance to tell about themselves, their passions and dreams. It also develops confidence. Imagine sharing personal information in front of an audience. Many adults couldn’t even do that!


In a one on one round robin style interview, the girls get to share more with the judges. The questions are not political and are general. For the younger competitors, the judges talk with them about school, sports and toys. As the competitors move into the high school age group, the questions become more about their passions and goals in life.

Evening Gown

This is the part every girl dreams about. Walking on that stage in a beautiful gown. This pageant is even more special because the girls have an escort for the preliminary night. If a dad or relative can’t be there, the pageant will supply a guest escort. There is nothing more special than seeing a proud dad or brother on the stage to show off the girl. This is truly the time for the girls to shine.

Optional Competitions

Saturday of the state competition is full of optional competitions to further encourage these girls to build confidence and show their other talents. This part is completely optional, does not become part of the score for the title and has a separate set of judges. These optional competitions include modeling, photogenic, speech, academic and volunteer.


Most state pageants include a workshop on Friday night for only $30. It will go over what is to be expected at the competition and some modeling pointers. This covers the basics. There are also plenty of rehearsals and a manual that goes over all areas of competition. This is especially great for beginners.

Age Divisions

Many pageants now have multiple age divisions. This is a real plus since you won’t have a six year old competing with a teen. The girls get to know each other in their age division allowing friendships to bloom. Many girls will tell you that they gained life long friendships through pageants. The small size of the MAC pageants really foster these relationships.

Whether you or your daughter are brand new to pageants or seasoned competitors, I recommend checking out the National Miss American Coed Pageant. Patty Hawkins is the national director and she is warm and welcoming. Check out their website and find your stage pageant today! Be sure to tell them I sent you!

Pageant Hugs!




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