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Social Media Tips for Pageant Girls

by michellefieldllc on July 28, 2016

off-duty model look

Social Media is everywhere. If you live in the early 21st century, you have heard of Facebook. You probably have heard of Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well. The world seems to revolve around social media these days. You can access it from your IPod, Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop and even your Desktop! It’s everywhere! This most likely means that potential judges and directors will be your connection through at least one of these sites. So how should a potential queen navigate these stormy waters?

Put your best face forward

Make sure that every, and I mean every, picture is flattering. Never post a picture of you that is not. Make sure that your settings on Facebook require your approval for tagging any pictures by friends. This way you can see the picture first. If it is unflattering, be sure to untag yourself. You can also change the settings on your pictures to only allow certain people to see these. This is helpful if Aunt Jane tags you at a family gathering.

Beware of Drinks

You are at a party and you are enjoying a glass of soda. Someone snaps your picture and it is posted. You know what is in your glass, but someone else may not. Try to avoid taking any picture of you with a glass or beverage in your hand. You never want to give a potential judge the impression that you won’t be a good spokesmodel.

Keep it Positive

Social media is not the place for rants. Keep all your posts positive. Do not air your dirty laundry here. Nothing is worse than those cryptic posts about someone else who “knows who they are” who has offended you somehow. One great rule of thumb, never post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see or you wouldn’t want on a billboard.

Do not create multiple personas

I see that many competitors have a personal page as well as fan page for every title they wear. This can be confusing. Instead of multiple pages to moderate, have one personal page and one fan page. By posting all your appearances on your fan page throughout the years, then others can follow you no matter what title you currently hold. This is also great for judges to see that you have been consistent in your message.

Never swear

I don’t care how upset or angry you may be. See advice #3. Keep it positive. Swear words only make you sound bad, not intelligent. Just don’t do it!


This was probably one of the greatest additions to social media! If someone is getting nasty on your page, just delete/block them. No need to apologize. You don’t need that. Weed out your friends list on a regular basis. If they don’t align with your goals, get rid of them.

Have Fun!

Social media was created as a way to keep in touch with others and to make new connections. It should be fun. Post your pictures of the fun things you do, your accomplishments and those wonderful milestones. Feel free to post your opinion, just make sure you can back it up. Social Media is a great way to keep up with friends, meet new ones and get your message out to the world!

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