5 Fabulous Pageant Makeup Tutorials

by michellefieldllc on January 7, 2016

5 Fabulous Pageant Makeup Tutorials

Pageant makeup can be so confusing. Do you hire a makeup artist? Do you try to do your own? what if you don’t like how it turned out? Then there is the lighting. Spotlights not only can be blinding, but can also wash you out. What about overhead lighting? Nude or red lips? Help!

It’s important to know how to do your own makeup even if you are working with a makeup artist. I once was competing in a pageant and I was the last person for the makeup artist. She was running behind, so I was late. I could have done my own makeup and been on time. Plus, I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I made some changes and went on.

At my next pageant, I did my own makeup and hair. I had more time and was so much more relaxed. As a matter of fact, I did my own hair and makeup for this picture. Once you know the tips and techniques, you can do your makeup for any occasion.

Another reason you need to know how to do your own makeup is that some pageants won’t allow anyone back stage to help. That means getting makeup and hair done at an ungodly hour before the pageant or trying to run back to a hotel to have it done. That adds stress to an already stressful situation. To be at your best, you need to be relaxed and in control.

Let’s face it, makeup artists are expensive. On top of your entry fee, gown, wardrobe, etc, you are now adding between $300 and $1000 to your budget. If your budget is thousands of dollars, then you are set. However, even if your parents are paying for everything, there is a limit to what is available.

Also, they bring their own makeup. If you haven’t tried it out, you may have a reaction. I had an allergic reaction to some eyeshadow. I woke up the next morning with bloodshot and swollen eyes. Luckily, I was able to get some allergy eyedrops and everything settled down by show time. By doing your own makeup, you can know if the makeup is safe.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you not to use a makeup artist. If you can have one on site, who knows what they are doing and you can afford one, by all means, do it! It can take a lot of stress off by having someone else do it. If you learn how to do your own, then if you need to do it, you can.

Here are the links to five fabulous pageant makeup tutorials. I want to point out some things they all have in common. First of all, contouring is so important under the bright stage lights. Second, emphasis should be on your eyes. That is where we want the judges looking. Third, lips should have color even if you are going for the nude look. Fourth, false eyelashes help make your eyes really pop.



I know this last one is for fitness competitions. It has great advice since fitness competitions can also be on a variety of stages. Of course, looking healthy always looks great. The advice about spray tans is also spot on.

The key to doing your own pageant makeup is practice, practice, practice! Watch all five videos first. You may want to use the eye makeup from one video and the lips from another. Then, with the video playing, watch a brief section, then try it. Keep reviewing the videos to see the techniques. You’ll know you have it down when you can apply the complete look without the video.

Now that you can do your own stage makeup, you’ll be prepared for anything. Always bring your own makeup, just in case. As the Boy Scout motto says, “Be Prepared!”

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