5 Mistakes Made By Mrs. Pageant Competitors

5 mistakes Mrs Pageant

The Mrs. Pageant division is completely different from any other division. It has the added requirement of being married on top of all the other things you are already busy doing to live your life. This division can be difficult to navigate whether you are a seasoned pageant competitor or a first time newbie. Here are some of the most common mistakes I see married women do in this division.

Being underprepared

Even if you have competed in pageants as a teen, the Mrs. Pageant division is a whole new level. There are so many changes that need to be made to your bio and your stage work. The cute things that worked as a teen won’t impress the judges now. If you’ve never competed in a pageant, this would be the time to work with a pageant coach to bring your pageant skills up to the level they need to be. Think of the Mrs. Pageant as moving up to the major leagues in baseball.

Not Swimsuit Ready

The three major Mrs. Pageants include International, America and Unite States. There are many more than this. The “big three” have fitness as a major part of the score. Just being skinny won’t earn you the winning score. You need to be fit and toned as well. This requires not only doing your cardio, but resistance training and eating right. Working with a trainer is a great option to make sure you are in the best shape.  Be sure to give yourself at least three months to be fit if you are already in great shape. If you need to loose weight, I would give yourself six months to a year.

The Prom Dress

You might get away with a prom dress in the Teen or even the Miss divisions. By the Mrs. Pageant category you will need a pageant gown. That doesn’t mean you have to spend your kids college fund. Many gowns are pageant ready without breaking the bank. You can also purchase gown from great resale sites like Pageant Resale.   Renting a more expensive gown is also an option. The gown store in the mall is not a good place to look. It’s worth it to work with a reputable gown dealer.

No Platform

A platform is your message to the world. Many women support a non-profit as their platform. If you are already involved in an organization and you are passionate about it, that is your platform. If you don’t have a particular organization you support, take a look at where you spend your time. Do you volunteer with several groups? Then your platform could be volunteerism. Do you support a variety of organizations that build confidence in women and girls? Your platform could be building confidence. Take a look at your calendar and your checking account. Those are your best clues for your platform

Wonder Woman Syndrom

You don’t have to do everything! Having kids won’t help you win. A high profile job like lawyer or doctor won’t impress the judges. In fact, you can be a stay at home mom and win. Just live your life! You already juggle so much between being married, giving back to your community and caring for your family. You are enough!

Are you considering competing in a Mrs. Pageant? Not sure how to get started? I can help you be confident and competitive at the Mrs. level. I would love to partner with you to present the best you to the judges and help you to be memorable. Get your private coaching package now and lets work together to leave a lasting impression.




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