5 tips to stress less now

by michellefieldllc on August 17, 2017

5 Tips to stress less now

Stress happens to us all. The trick is not to let it take over our lives. I had one week that was one long lesson in stress survival skills. I had one woman remark that if it weren’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all. My other favorite quote that describes that week is: the best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were no disasters, more like things just not going as planned.

My son’s Eagle Project was on a Saturday. His original plan was to completely build a fence in one day. We arrived, ready to go, when the Building Committee Chair mentioned that we were to take out the old fence. That was a surprise. We thought we were building the new fence next to the old one. So, we had to change plans and began removing the old fence. We ran into several snags along the way, including a huge chunk of concrete that needed to be removed.

By lunch time, we had the old fence removed. This is where my son believed he was going to be at the start of the day. At 5pm we had just finished anchoring the last hole for the fence posts. That was where he wanted to be by lunch time. Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned. So, was now be a second day required to finish the project.

Lesson 1: Let go of the things that are out of our control.

Another thing that happened that week was we changed mobile carriers. I had a son leaving for college, so we had a deadline. I found a carrier I thought was the perfect combination of coverage and price. So, we signed up. When we arrived home, we realized that we had no coverage at our house. Get outside a five mile radius and it was 4G all the way. Nope, nothing here.

The kind young man who sold us the plan and phones looked into the situation. It was going to take a few days. We decided we couldn’t really make any decisions until we gathered more information. While he was gathering info, I decided to check around for another solution. I found a friend who had yet a different carrier and had her come to my home. While she was standing in my messy kitchen, she actually received a phone call. Yippy! But, we decided to wait for all the information before making the switch. Instead of worrying about all that stuff, we let it go till we knew we had all the information we needed.

Lesson 2: Make an appointment to make a decision and stick to it.

So, my original plan didn’t work. While we were waiting to gather info, we looked at our options. The first option is that we could stay with the company that may install a tower, someday. Another option is that we could keep one child on the plan, since he had great coverage at college and the rest of us could switch. A third option was that we could go back to our old service that was pretty bad. Lastly, we could all switch to the new mobile carrier and loose the money we had put down on the other one. In the end, we left one child on the other plan, while three of us chose the new carrier option.

Plan B

Lesson 3: If plan A doesn’t work, go to B, C, D, heck you have the whole alphabet!!!

One more story from that week. Actually, it started earlier that summer. My husband and I love cowboy boots, Ariat brand, to be specific. We were so excited when we received a flier for their sale! We made plans to go together and even looked at boots online so we would know just what we wanted to get. Then, life happened and we never made the sale.

On Sunday, my husband checked his email to find a 25% off coupon at a local store that carried western wear. I called to make sure the coupon would apply even to Ariat boots. Sure enough, they said they would. So off we went to get our boots. We printed off two coupons so we each could get the deal. We each walked out with our new boots at an amazing price!!! It was a better deal than the sale price.

Lesson 4: When God says, “no,” He can mean, “I have something better.”

Another thing about that day, we had no plans to go boot shopping that day. When we woke up that morning, we decided we needed a day off. The last week had been really hectic and not very fun. Things just weren’t going right and we both had been going 90 miles per hour. We cancelled everything for that day and simply did what we wanted to do. We didn’t worry about decisions that needed to be made, we didn’t worry about how to finish my son’s Eagle Project, we simply decided to take the day as it happened. It meant having dinner late that night, but that was all right. I had no idea what that day was going to look like that morning. It turned out to be pretty good in the end.

Lesson 5: Keep your schedule flexible enough to kiss a booboo, visit a friend or just buy a new pair of boots.

So, that week was full of “bad luck”, plans that went astray and applying stress survival skills. Instead of trying to take the whole week at one time, we went to day by day. Nope, they didn’t go as planned. In the end, though, things worked out. We now have a mobil carrier that works great here on ranch. My husband and I have wonderful new cowboy boots, and my son completed his Eagle Project.

Are you having a tough week? Try these 5 stress survival skills! Need more ways to stress less? Get 11 Steps to Stress Less Living. It’s an online course so you can stress less today!




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