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This pageant book has all the answers! Would you like to know how to handle mean girls at a pageant? What do you do after the pageant is over? How to keep focused and positive? Get the answers to these questions and more in my E-Book! I have combined years of competing with years as a judge, emcee and coach to bring you a comprehensive guide to competing in pageants and in life. Pageant skills go beyond the pageant to help you create the life of your dreams. Now, there is no waiting! This e-book is yours with the click of a button. Read it on any device. You can begin your preparation for your next pageant today!

Originally $19.95, now only $9.98!

P101 SQ

You have dreamed of wearing a crown since you were a little girl. You have decided to go after that dream and enter a pageant. Perhaps you are frustrated with your scores in past pageants. Now what? Whether you are completely new to pageants, have competed in them for years or are the parent of a pageant competitor, I have the answer you have been looking for in this class! Originally $57.00, now only $28.50!


Are you afraid of interview? Does the though of onstage question cause your knees to knock? Would you love to learn a life skill you will carry with you the rest of your life? Now you can get the same information I teach in my private sessions with my SPARKLE in Interview Program! Present the best you ever in interview. Gain confidence as you use my simple steps to connect with the judges. Look the part of the queen. Leave the judges wanting you as their title holder. Interview sets the whole tone for the rest of the pageant. If the judges love you in interview, you can even make a mistake on stage and still win! Originally $57.00, now only $ 28.50!


Imagine walking into a room full of strangers without breaking a sweat. Imagine living a life that matters. Imagine having the power to overcome bullies. Imagine living your dream life. This confidence class can make it come true.

Although I am a pageant coach, many of you have asked for a class just on confidence. I am using over 30 years of communication skills taught through parenting classes, marriage classes, college level addiction prevention and my winning pageant coaching. You’ll finish the class with the tools you need to take more control of your life, connect with people and be more successful. Originally $27.00, now only $13.50!


Imagine your life if you could control the amount of stress you had in your life? What if you actually were able to choose what stresses you out and what doesn’t? What would you do with better sleep, more energy and less anxiety? What would you do if you were actually happy?This class will help you to find out. Originally $27, now only $13.50!

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