7 Tips for a Winning Pageant Head Shot

7 tips for a winning pageant head shot

A winning pageant head shot is not difficult to get. Unfortunately, most women don’t know what it takes to get that winning look. I’ve seen everything from too much jewelry, not enough makeup and even a selfie taken in the back seat of a car. Follow these tips to get noticed and remembered by the judges.

Use a professional photographer

The number one key to creating a memorable, stand out picture is to start with a professional. Go to their website and look at their work. More important than their price is their ability to make everyone look good. A professional photographer should understand the importance of shooting from above for the most flattering look. They should use proper lighting. If the people in the pictures look great, then go with that photographer.

Keep the background simple

Outdoor pictures are great for senior pictures, but go inside for your pageant pics. Ask the photographer to provide a solid color background. When you arrive, you will notice that the background may not be one color. It’s common for the center of the background to be lighter than the outer edges. This is fine and provides a glow behind you. What you don’t want is a pattern or multiple colors. By keeping the background simple, you will keep the focus on you.

Choose top that is a single color

Patterns and multiple colors or color blocking is distracting. A solid color will help draw the judge’s eyes to your face. Make sure you choose a color that is flattering. If people tell you that you look beautiful in a color, go with that. If they tend to compliment your clothes, then they are seeing the color and not you. Most people are naturally drawn to colors that look good on them. Trust your instinct.

Add some interest

Although a simple, single color top will keep the focus on your face, you can help draw the eye up by adding details near your face. You could choose a top with an interesting neckline. Ruffles are a beautiful detail. Perhaps you have a top with a bow made of the same fabric as the blouse. By adding a bit of interest at the neckline, your beauty can shine through.

Keep jewelry to earrings

A great pair of earring can be just what you need to frame your face. This is where I like to see a little bling. Stefanie Somers makes beautiful custom and ready made earrings that will accent your face and draw attention to your eyes. Adding a necklace is distracting as well as bracelets or facial piercings. If you decide to wear a facial piercing, say a nose ring, keep it simple and small. Remember, we want the judges to remember you, not your piercings. Just wear a great pair of earrings and think of them as the frame for your face.

Wear your hair down

The judges will see your picture and then you. There needs to be a consistency between you and the picture. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your hair needs to be done the same for both. If you change your hair color or cut significantly before the pageant, get new pictures done. The judges need to be able to remember you by looking at your picture. Your hair is a huge part of being able to recognize you.

Pump up your makeup

The lights that are used in professional photography can flatten your face in the picture. That’s because the lights are coming from both sides as well as in front of you. This erases any shadows. This is where contouring is critical. Make sure you highlight as well. You will also want to make your makeup more intense. Those same bright lights that erase your wrinkles will also washout your makeup. Make your eyes pop by wearing false eyelashes and liner. If you are unsure how to do your own makeup, call a professional. Ask your photographer if they know one who will work with you. With well done makeup, your beautiful face will be what the judges notice.

Most judges will see your picture before they see you. Most directors will include a picture of you in the judges paperwork. This helps the judges remember who you are and also to make sure they are talking to the right person. Having the perfect pageant head shot can really help you to be memorable and to stand out in a sea of contestants. Let’s partner together to help you leave a lasting impression! Get your private package now.




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