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Attitude is Everything!

by michellefieldllc on May 4, 2017

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Attitude is Everything!

Attitude is everything! We all know people who are always happy or always complaining. It seems that the people who are happy get more happy and those who are not become more depressed. So what do the happy know that the unhappy ones don’t? It all comes down to attitude and focus.

Have you ever bought something new and suddenly you see it everywhere? Maybe it was a new car or phone. It could be anything. Now you notice other people with it. It’s not magic. It’s just that you are now open to seeing it.

The same concept works with relationships, jobs and family. The things you focus on is what you get more of. I’m going to share two stories that illustrate how this works.

This past year, I attended a program to obtain my teaching license. It was two to three Saturdays a month. We began in August and had classes through the end of February. I excitedly looked forward to each class because I thought they were fun and I know I learned something new every time I attended.

I had a classmate who seemed grumpy at each class. He would do the bare minimum. I noticed that he was always on his phone. One day I glanced over at his phone and he had his calendar open. I noticed that several weekends that we had class were a different color. I asked him about it. He commented back that those were the three day weekends or holidays that class “ruined” for him. He focused on all the negatives and he felt negative. Which one of us do you think got more out of the class?

My second story is about my mom. She has been slowly loosing her eyesight for over five years. This past January, she could no longer pass the eye exam to be able to drive. She told me that she parked her car one last time and cried for an hour. After that, she went up to her apartment and got on with her life. She now rides the bus for over an hour to get to her business that she owns. She used to be able to drive the same distance in ten minutes. She walks the two miles each way to the mall and grocery store . Her attitude is amazing!

She is so happy now and it all has to do with her attitude. For her,  riding the bus as an adventure and a chance to meet interesting people. The walks to do shopping are a great chance to exercise. She even loaned me her car because she wants to see it driven. My mom is holding hope that the doctors will find a cure, but she isn’t sitting around and waiting.

So the next time you start to feel like the whole world is against you, check your attitude. Are you looking for people to be mean or rude? Are you smiling at others and expecting smiles back? Are you focusing on the negative or positive? If you don’t like what you see, change where you are looking.

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