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Pageant interview can make or break your chances of winning. Whether we like it or not, decisions are made about us before we even open our mouth. The second you walk into that interview room, the judges are already deciding if you are worth listening to. The color you are wearing makes a big statement.

Blue This color is most widely held as the best color to wear for a pageant interview. It conveys trust, credibility and loyalty. Interviewers are said to trust someone in navy blue more than anyone else when all the other factors are the same. Light blue also conveys a sense of calm and makes you appear more friendly and approachable.

Black First of all, I do not recommend this color for anyone under the age of 18 in an interview situation. With that said, black conveys authority and power. It also can make you look thinner. The caveat to black is that it also may make you appear too independent and can also symbolize mourning. I would recommend wearing a pair of colored earrings to balance a black interview outfit.

Red This is my favorite color! However, it is not for everyone. It conveys energy, power and strength. It is also considered a sophisticated color and will help you appear older. This is good if you are at the younger end of your age division. Red does elevate the heart rate and can be experienced as irritating. Do not wear this color if you already have high energy and are bubbly.

Purple Red and blue make up this color, so you send a mixture of messages. It displays the power of red and the tranquility of blue. It reflects elegance, wealth and authority. Deep purple can also make you appear calm, relaxed and friendly.

The tough colors to wear:

Green Not everyone likes green. Medium to light green does not look good on most women and girls. Blue greens can be a good color to wear as it suggests high self esteem and confidence. Stick with a darker green if you choose this color for interview.

Yellow Although yellow is associated with optimism, it is also a very irritating color. In the interview room, it could potentially irritate a judge. Restaurants use this color to get customers to eat quickly and leave. We don’t want the judges wishing you would leave. It has become a popular color for gowns and two Miss Americas have recently won wearing yellow.

Orange Combining red and yellow conveys an even more irritating color than either one by itself. Peach is a lighter color, but will come across as beige. More on that color below.

White and Pink Although white is the “winningest” color for evening gown, it should not be worn in interview. It, along with pink, conveys innocence and purity. This is a good color for girls, but teens and women should stay away from these colors for interview.

Never wear tan or beige in interview! This is the absolutely worst color to wear to an interview. This color indicates that you are a “fence sitter” and are not interested in changing your position. In other words, you are not interested in the job. It can also indicate that you are a people pleaser and will only answer what you think the judges want to hear and not be truthful. Avoid these colors at all costs.

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