Boy Scout Aviation Merrit Badge

On Saturday, March 6th, I joined a group of about 120 Boy Scouts at the United Airlines building for the BSA Aviation Merit Badge. This group was only 1/4th of those who attended. We spent the morning learning the classroom part. After a lunch, was the hands on (fun) part.
We started in the crash simulator and learned what to do in case of a crash landing, this included a cabin mock up with sounds, lights and motion as well as the slide. Then we moved to the flight simulator where we were each able to practice take-off and landing a 747. This is actually what a 747 cockpit looks like. What you can’t see are the great graphics that simulate San Francisco. We also made foam plate gliders or FPG-9’s and had a tour of the United historical museum.
This gentleman was my Flight Simulator Instructor. He volunteered his Saturday to help Boy Scouts earn their Aviation Merit Badge. What a wonderful and generous gift of his time.
This is one simulator I was glad I didn’t have to fly. This is one of the original simulators from when United Arlines started back in the early 1900’s. They have amazing memorabilia from the past 75 years!
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