Colorado March for Life

I attended the Colorado March For Life on January 26th. You may wonder why I would attend something that is considered controversial. I support life, whether it is through the Susan G. Komen foundation or the American Heart Association. All these groups share the purpose to preserve life. At the end of the kick off rally, pink and blue balloons were released. Each one represents a child who was born in 2009 thanks to the efforts of this group.
It was wonderful to see so many children at this event. They are learning early in life to fight for what is right. What a terrific example for future generations.
I always try to take time for pictures or autographs, especially with young girls. I have short time to be a role model to these girls. I believe this is probably one of the most important things I will do as Mrs. Colorado International 2009.
Many of our legislators came out to support this event. Scott Renfroe (L) is one of our state senators. He believes there is so much work still to be done and he is willing to work hard for it.
I can not even begin to articulate what an honor it was to meet Rebecca Kiessling. She is the product of a violent rape and is here today because abortion was illegal in her home state. Her own mother attempted to abort her three times. She was adopted at birth and now has her own amazing story to share. We are pictured with Bishop Conely who also came to support the Colorado Walk for Life.
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