Compete in a Pageant?

Should I compete in pageants?

“Should I compete in a pageant?” That is a question you need to ask first. Why would anyone want to do a pageant for that matter? There are hours of preparation that go into competing, not to mention the money involved. So what questions should you ask yourself?


Well, I suggest the basic who, what, where, when, and why. The first one I will go with is the “who.” Who will be competing? This may sound like an obvious question, but there really is more to it. Will I be competing as just myself or as a married woman? Will I represent an organization with a platform? Will I compete with others my age or will I be vying for a title with women of many different ages? Will I compete as an ethnic contestant or will there be diversity so ethnicity is not a factor? Am I in top physical condition and, if not, am I willing to work to attain it? Do I have a talent I like to share? All of these questions need to be answered to choose the best pageant system for you.


This leads me to the “what.” What pageant system will you compete in? Do you want a traditional pageant system with an equal split of interview, swimsuit and evening gown? Are you looking to be judged on a talent or your modeling ability? Do you want a Miss, Ms., or Mrs. Pageant? Obviously, some of this will be based on your current marital status, but almost everyone can compete in a Ms. Pageant, unless you are too young. Do you want age divisions or marital divisions? There are so many pageant systems out there that today that you can find the perfect system for who you are and what you want to accomplish.


Next up is the “where” question. This is important to consider. Will the pageant be local so it won’t involve the expense of travel and a hotel room? How easy is it to get to the pageant? Some pageants are not held in major cities with a large regional airport. How will you get to the host hotel? Is it held in a humid or dry environment? Think hair and skin, ladies. Can you share a room with someone to cut down on cost? What is the airfare to the host city? All of these are important questions to answer when considering competing.


“When is the Pageant?” is a very important question to consider. Will it conflict with a family event, like a graduation or wedding? Can you take the time off from school or work? How long is the pageant and will you need to get permission from anyone? For all you married women, I would check with your husband first to make sure there won’t be any major schedule conflicts. It is better to work this out first. If you are a teen or young contestant, will you need a parent to travel with you? You need to check with that person also.


The last question is probably the most important, “why”. Why are you competing? Why would you want to put yourself up on a stage to be judged by others? Do you want to make new friends? Is this on your “bucket list”? Do you want to make a difference in your community? Do you want to improve yourself with new communication skills or need an excuse to get in shape? Do you just want a woman or girls weekend away? Do you want to prove to yourself that you can win a pageant? Is there a hole or need this experience will fill? The answer to this question will be the launching ground for your entire pageant experience. If you are not clear on the “why”, you will not have the best pageant experience you can have because you won’t have a direction for your preparation. The “why” will guide all your of decisions. You must be crystal clear on this one or you will leave the pageant disappointed with unmet expectations whether you win or lose.

So, now that you know your “who, what, where, when and why”, go ahead and fill out that application and send in your headshot. I’m here to encourage you on your journey to connect with the crown.

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