Competing with an Injury

by michellefieldllc on August 4, 2017

Competing in a pageant with an injury or handicap.

I still remember watching the Miss America competition where Heather Whitestone won! She danced beautifully and answered her onstage question with grace and poise. Except for her speech, you might never have known that she was deaf! Even with an injury or disability, you can not only compete with confidence, but you can win!

Prepare for all areas of competition.

Do not neglect your fitness if you are competing in a pageant that has swimsuit or aerobic wear. Keep your interview skills up to par. Make sure your gown fits impeccably. You can not use your injury/disability as an excuse to not compete at your very best.

Take your time.

One year, I was competing with an injury. I could not bend my knee, but I did not need crutches. In an effort to keep up with the pace, I rushed on stage. Because of this, I was marked down for being awkward and going too fast. By taking it a little slower on stage, you will still exude elegance and poise. Even more so, because of your challenge.

Don’t make excuses.

Never apologize or make an excuse for not competing at your best. Judges will not choose someone with a “woe is me” attitude. Be confident in who you are and present your best self. Judges are looking for confidence and a “can do” attitude.

So, no matter if you have a temporary injury or a permanent physical challenge, don’t let that stop you from competing at your best. Be prepared, both mentally and physically. Let your personality shine. Be the best you ever and the judges will love you!

Excerpt from my ebook, Crown Connection.




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