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by michellefieldllc on May 11, 2017

 Creative ways to pay for your pageant

I know there are plenty of women who really don’t worry about pageant money. They have $20,000 to drop on fees, ad pages and wardrobe. For the rest of us, pageant money is more difficult to come by. Here are a few creative ideas.


The first is the easiest place to start. Asking mom and dad or grandparents for money is usually the best place to start. Remember last week when I asked you to define your “why?” Well, this is where it will be very important. You need to convey your why with utmost clarity to convince family to help support you. When you share your why, you are inviting your family to participate in your journey and not just cheer you on from the sidelines.

If they feel they have a part in your quest for the crown, they will support you with more than just money. They will help you practice pageant questions for interview, they will be more willing to drive you to coaching sessions or to choose that special dress, and most importantly, they will be there cheering you on.


Another way to get the support of family and friends is to hold a fundraiser. As the mom of three Boy Scouts and one who is an Eagle Scout, I know a few things about fundraisers. One of the most popular Boy Scout fundraisers is to host a dinner at a local restaurant. Many local restaurants are willing to give you a percentage of the tickets for that meal or day. Check with the manager to find out what percentage they would be willing to share with you. Some restaurants that are willing to do these sort of fundraisers are Village Inn, Cee Cee’s Pizza, Baskin Robbins and Chick-Fil-A. Check with your local restaurants to see what they will offer. Give yourself plenty of time to advertise your event.

While you are hosting your dinner or meal, why not throw in a silent auction? Get friends and family to donate items or services. You could even donate your time and services. Are you willing to rake leaves, babysit or cook a meal? Those are all great services that you could offer for your silent auction. Check with those business you already frequent to see if they will donate items also. Both of these fundraising ideas do require planning and preparation time. Give yourself at least a month to plan and hold this sort of fundraiser.

A newer fundraiser is to do an online fundraiser. You can simply let your friends and family know what you are doing and set up a 1 day or up to one week online fundraiser. I don’t really recommend that you have one that lasts more than three days. That’s about how long your friends will stay interested. You don’t want them all waiting until the last day to donate, so don’t make this long and drawn out. Set up a paypal account to make it easier for everyone to give. You could even do your silent auction on line.


Business used to be a great source for pageant fees. Many of them had extra funds to just give away. Those days are gone with this new economy. That doesn’t mean that businesses can’t be a good source for pageant fees and expenses. You just need to package it differently.

You are now in the marketing business. Tell them that for their sponsorship, you will now market their business. They will be included on your ad page or if they pay enough to cover a full ad page, they can have their own ad. Make sure they understand that you will design their ad for them so your face and name are on the page.

You will also list their name on your blog and website with a link to their business website. You could even have their business listed on your autograph cards if your director will allow it. Also let them know that you are willing to make appearances at their place of business. This is a nice added perk.


Many pageants offer a referral bonus for recommending other contestants. This is usually around $50. If you get enough other contestants, you can actually pay for your entrance fee. Check with your director to find out if there is a referral fee available and start contacting your friends. Make sure your director knows the names of contestants you are referring so you will receive proper credit.


The last idea on how to fund your pageant journey is to take on a part time job. Babysitting is an old standby whether you are a teen or older. You can also look into your local businesses to see if you can work part time. Direct sales companies are a great way to earn money. You get to set your own hours and usually it is easy to get started with little money invested.

Look for a company that has been around and is well established. Some companies that I recommend are Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Amway or Qickstar and even Tupperware. These are companies that have been around for a long time and have a proven track record. There are other good direct sales companies out there too, so take your time and investigate them.

I know a young lady who has won several titles and has even been a first runner up on the national level who has paid for all her pageant competitions on her own simply by working part time jobs. I have worked several part time jobs in the past to help pay for my own pageant expenses. It is a great way to help pay for everything from your entrance fee to your gown.

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