Crown Junk Journals

Crown Junk Journals

Junk journals are becoming more popular. I received my first one over a year ago. The only instruction I received was to write in it. As I looked through it, I decided it was perfect for my coffee table and that is where it resides. I don’t use it at all.

Recently, I started looking for a new hobby. It’s not that I was bored or had a lot of time on my hands. I had done cross stitch and crochet in the past. The problem with both of these was figuring out what to do with them when I finished. I really didn’t need another blanket. Then I remembered the junk journal my friend gave me.

I started doing my research. Pinterest was my go to for ideas. My husband suggested YouTube videos to see how to make them. Along the way, I learned how to use them. Apparently, they are more than just a scrap book. There are spaces to write in. Pockets are for pictures, tickets, notes. Even the paper clips are to hold small things that are all part of the story of the junk journal.

Then next step was to purchase the supplies. I started at Amazon and ordered some stamps. There I found a beautiful set of crown stamps. They were a variety of sizes and types. I also found stamps that created spaces for writing on lines. Then came the trip to Hobby Lobby to get the insides. I already had several used manila envelopes for covers.



Now the creative process began. I found images online and printed copies. Then I glued them to a variety of index cards to make little note card. I tea stained lots of paper to make the pages. Then the time came to actually bind everything together. I added notebook paper to the pile of tea stained paper. It needed more pockets, so I added folded craft paper and an envelope. Then I learned that a needle would make my life to easy to bind. I didn’t have one, so I created an aglet (you know, the ends of your shoelace) for my cord.




The really fun part was adding all the “bits and bobs” as one British Junk Journal tutorial called all the things that would be added. I added cards and paper clipped pictures. Into pockets and paper clips, I tucked tags and more cards. I trimmed blank cards with decorative scissors. The final step was to add stamps of crowns and lined places to write.




The cover is the final part of the creative process. I had painted and sealed the manila envelopes with Mod Podge. I added scraps of the decorative paper. Lace, pearls and stones finished the look. Because these books hold a lot and tend to get bulky, I decided that a simple piece of chording would work to hold it shut.



All four Junk Journals have been given away to private coaching clients. I think that has been the best part. I love seeing the faces of the receiver when they see these beautiful books. As of right now, I am only making these for my clients. Maybe, some day, I will sell them. If you want one, for now, you’ll need to purchase a package and work with me. Why not try making your own? My next project will be a hunting journal for my husband. I promise to post pictures on my Facebook page.

Want to see a video of the reveal? Check it out here!




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