Dare to Dream-7 Stages of a Dream

I would like to think that we all have dreams, hopes and ambitions. These are what drive us to be better people and to make a difference in our community. It really is what pageantry is all about. I have taken these stages of a dream from the book of Joseph in my favorite book, the Bible. My children also loved the movie Joseph King of Dreams. Some of these steps may not apply to your situation. They are merely guidelines.

God Gives Us a Dream Perhaps you had your first glimpse of your dream when you were a child. You may have played dress up in your mom’s old dresses, or maybe her new ones and got in trouble. Maybe you built things from Legos,  Lincoln Logs or even sand. Maybe, you didn’t really know your dream until you became a teen or adult. It really doesn’t matter when you get your dream, it is only important that you have one. Joseph received his dreams as real dreams. He didn’t understand the meaning, but they were given to him as a young man.

Dreams Look Different Although Moses and Joseph had similar dreams to save the nation of Israel, the way they looked and were accomplished were very different. Just because your dream looks like someone else’s, don’t expect them to be the same. God doesn’t usually do the same thing twice. Look for your own dream.

Family And Friends My Put You Down Dreams can scare our family and friends. They may be left thinking that you will leave them or they will become useless to you. Perhaps, like Josephs family, they will become jealous. There will certainly be naysayers in the community either behind your back, or worse yet, to your face. Hopefully, you don’t end up at the bottom of a well, like Joseph did.

Testing and Questioning Most real dreams will involve other people. There will be those who will question your motives. Others may test your moral integrity. Pottifer’s wife certainly tested Josephs morals and time in jail for a crime he did not commit tested his faith in himself. Being prepared will be the most important part of your dream. Don’t let others ruin your self esteem or allow your reputation to be soiled. Learn to simply say, “thank you for bringing that to my attention.” Do not waste your time defending your dream. Just do it and prove them wrong!

You Will Change Part of working toward your dream will involve you changing. For most, the change will be internal. You will develop confidence and mature. Your physical body may change. Joseph’s brothers did not even recognize him when they arrived in Egypt. You will hear, “You’ve Changed,” or “you aren’t the person you used to be.” You will need to reassure those who are close to you, just like Joseph did. For the rest, let them go out of your life.

Dreams Take Time Most of the people in the bible had to wait to fulfill their dreams or purpose. Many had to wait 30 or more years. Do you think you are too old? Look at Moses, Abraham or even Ruth! God can still make that dream come true. Sure, it may not look like what you expected, but God will make sure it looks like what He expected. Keep dreaming!

You Will Make A Difference I love happy endings. Joseph not only saved his family, but an entire nation! He made a difference. Hang on to that dream until it is fulfilled. Once you have achieved it, get a new one! As long as you are helping others, your dreams will be blessed. You will make a difference!

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