Facebook and why you should have only one pageant business page

Facebook. People all over the world log in every day. Of all the social media networks, Facebook is the largest platform today. Most people are checking their accounts on a smart phone. Think about it. How many times today did you check your Facebook and where? People are meeting, sharing and posting pictures all on Facebook. Do you know who else is on Facebook? Potential employers and pageant judges.

There are a few different ways to connect with all those people on Facebook. You start with your personal page, or two or three. Then you can start and join groups. You can also have a business page. Not to mention all the games you can play with all your friends and people you don’t even know! Facebook offers so many ways to connect with people! No wonder it is so popular!

One page for all your titles

Whether you are applying for a job or competing in a pageant, you need one place for these people to go to find out about you. Many pageant competitors create a new business page for each title they hold. This can be confusing for any people because of so many different pages. I suggest that you have only one page for your platform and add more appearances and information to it with each title held. This way, judges can see all that you are doing, not just what you did for a specific year.


Employers like to see community involvement as well. Even if you are not competing, you can list all your community involvement and promote your platform all in one place. Also, you don’t start over trying to get people to “like” you page each time. By creating one page completely for all you do, then no matter what you do in the future, it’s all in one place.

Use your name

So, what should you call your page? I recommend you use your own name. If your name is rather common, like mine, then try to come up with something that will identify you uniquely. You can simply add “Ms” to your name. You could add a word that describes you, like “fun” or “dedicated”. I don’t recommend numbers since they don’t tell anything about you.

When you set up your page, make sure that your profile picture is a high resolution picture. Better yet, have a professional picture made that shows your personality. The cover picture can tell more about you. If you are currently holding a title, put that on your cover picture with your title. If you are promoting a platform, be sure to create something having to do with that. If you are simply creating a page for your career, make sure it has something to do with that.

Perhaps the best part of creating your own personal business page will be the interaction and connections you will make with others. You aren’t managing several pages for all the different things you are involved in. Be sure to create albums for each event or title so it makes it easier for others to see what you do for your community. By simplifying all that you do to one public Facebook page, you now have a place for employers and judges to see all that you are doing. Pop over to my Facebook page and share the link to yours so I can “like” it!



Pageant Coach

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