First Impressions Count In Interview

First Impressions Count

In the interview, judgements are being made the second you walk into the room, even before you open your mouth. The judges are looking at your posture, your smile, your clothing and even your makeup. Do you already look like the titleholder they want? Here are some tips to make sure you look deserving of the crown.

Understand the Requirements

Before you decide what to wear, make sure you understand the requirements of the system. Are you required to wear a suit or a dress? Are pant suits or jumpsuits allowed? Do they recommend pantyhose? Understanding what is expected will go a long way in being prepared.

Color matters

Next, think about color. Seriously! There are certain colors that express confidence and trustworthiness. These colors include red, blue, purple and black. Some colors are difficult to wear like yellow, orange and green. The one color you should never wear is tan or beige. That color means that you are satisfied and don’t want to win the crown. That’s a message no one wants to convey.

Check the fit

In some pageant systems, how you look is actually half your score in interview. Baggy or too tight clothing will be distracting and will lower your score. I suggest you purchase your interview outfit one size bigger than your largest part: bust, waist, hips. Wait until about a week or two before the competition, then get everything altered to fit you like a glove. The judges may not realize that your clothing fits, but they will notice a bad fit.


Believe it or not, your nails and shoes play an important role in keeping the judges attention on you. Keep shoes a nude color whether they are a pump or peep toe. I don’t recommend sandals for the interview because they are too casual. When I say nude, I mean as close to your skin color as possible. This will make your legs look longer and minimize distractions. The color of your nails is the same. Either wear nude polish or simply have your nails buffed. Colored polish and French Tips are very distracting.

Jewelry, keep it simple

You want the judges to focus on your face and what you are saying. Keeping jewelry simple will help that focus. Leave the necklaces and bracelets at home. A simple pair of sparkly button earrings are all the embellishment you need. Dangly earrings will distract as they move. By keeping your jewelry to just the earrings, the judges will be all eyes on you.

Wear a smile

The best accessory you can wear is a smile. Take a deep breath and let it out before you enter. As you step to the door, put a smile on your face. Make sure your smile is in your eyes and not just your lips. There is nothing worse than a fake smile. The judges will see your smile and feel a connection.

Once you have your wardrobe perfect so your first impression is a good one, the rest is up to you. Judgements are made in the first few seconds, so make them count. What you wear and how you look can make all the difference. Make those first seconds count!





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