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As a pageant and interview coach, I don’t know all the answers. Here is my friend, Jessica to tell you about her fitness journey.

Multiple times a day I get asked about specific foods I eat, the time I eat them and all the exact moves to get this or that. I really want to emphasize how important it is to know that I can only inspire you to eat healthier and make changes in your life. Eating the exact foods as me at the exact times may give you results BUT your body is different that mine. Please, understand this. Your body may metabolize food differently. You may also have certain reactions to certain foods etc. It is so important to be in tune with your body and paying attention to the way you feel when you eat certain foods. Such as bloating, being tired, feeling puffy, and so on. Now that I got that out of the way I thought I would share my own personal journey into fitness.

Me and my fitness.2014 01 28 08.34.00 300x300 Me and My Fitness

I was always in sports in high school. Playing basketball and soccer kept me entertained and also in shape. It wasn’t till my senior year in high school that I even peaked a interest into the fitness realm. Such as, wanting to be a trainer or pursuing a career and living doing fitness. After graduating high school my life was pretty much all over the place from living in different house and so on BUT I also made sure that no matter where I was I adapted quickly and made my own little space for working out. Even if not consistent I still, worked out. It wasn’t a huge passion or anything but I did enjoy lifting more than anything. Especially when the Chalean Extreme program set came out from Beachbody. I did those videos over and over again. It was so easy and convenient. That was when I really started to fall even more in love with lifting. Now, if you tell me to go run a half mile I’ll probably laugh at you. That’s just how much I dread cardio in that form.

When I bought my house I dedicated a room to just that.. working out. I was using all my at home programs. This is also when I began my journey as a Beachbody Coach too. It wasn’t until about a year after having my house that I finally went ahead and bought a gym membership. I started to take the printed up programs from Beachbody to the gym. My weights at home just were not cutting it anymore. Of course, not too long after that, my passion for lifting weights became rather addicting and motivating. Muscle transforms your body like no other. I was seeing results and loving it. I mean, who wouldn’t BUT there is always a mind game remember.

I have always been a petite girl. I’m 5’2 and at the time weighed around 101 pounds. Not necessarily my goal but it just was what it was. I wasn’t the type of person to not eat and I wasn’t the type of person to binge and throw up my food. For me, it was just an emotional battle in the back of my head with gaining a specific amount of weight. My calorie consumption has usually always been 2,000 or more. Over the years my body hasn’t changed too much besides me adding muscle and not being afraid anymore to gain weight. Which took me to about 109 and fluctuating constantly. It might not seem like a lot BUT it takes time to build muscle weight. In the picture shown is about a year difference in my body. I’m not going to get into specific moves because really it would take me forever to name everything I did. There is way too much out there to get that specific. I don’t even know if I could remember all the moves anyways.

My typical routine. Some facts that people always ask me. Random things.

-I never miss a breakfast. I always eat first thing in the morning.

-I do not count my macros 24/7. Currently though I am shooting for 40/40/20 …. Carbs/Protein/Fat

-I’m not a nutritionist and will never lie and make up a generic one just to take money like some people do. I can help with goals, look at things etc. Specific meal plans are out. So that includes figuring out your own personal macros. Not my skill or my gift.

-I typically lift 4 days a week. Might shock some people but yes. I lift heavy 4 days out of the week. Since my back injury I am doing lighter weight but a higher rep count.

-My cardio consists of weight lifting and incline walking on like 10 or higher. I also enjoy sprint intervals. Which will never last more than 25 minutes depending on what I do. Teaching classes is an extra bonus of fun, like Turbokick.

-I take vitamins daily. This is what I take: echinacea, vitamin d3, omega, glutamine, calcium. If you are not sure what some of them do Google them to see if they best fit you and your goals. Echinacea is a amazing immune fighter.

-I drink Shakeology every day for my protein drink. I also enjoy Vega Sport protein and a chocolate probolic protein as well.2014 04 09 19.21.56 300x300 Me and My Fitness

-I love sleep and sleeping is huge when it comes to your overall health. So, I try to make it to be on time most nights and make sure I get at least 7!

-I do at home programs still yes. Some of my favorites are Turbofire, T25 and of course Chalean Extreme.

-I do not take anything specific out of my diet. Except dairy for 90% of the time just because it upsets my stomach and causes me to have acne cysts on my face. If it didn’t I would eat a tub of cottage cheese on the daily like I used too! So yes, I eat pizza, wings, have wine, have frozen yogurt and so on. It is very rare and I might eat out 1 or 2x a week. Typically only one meal is ate out. The rest I buy and make. If I eat out 3x in one week I don’t beat myself up about it. Life it too short to worry about things like that and I KNOW I’ll be back on track the next day and back in the gym. This is lifestyle for me and not a destination for specific seasons. It is what I coach, train and teach. BALANCE AND MODERATION. Anyone that knows me will tell you that. If you tell yourself you’ll never have pizza again in your life you are setting yourself up for failure. Yes, you might not be able to eat it until you can control it or for special occasions but to say you will never have will only make you want it more.

-Time of day I work out. It is usually around lunch time. Unless I teach at home or on the weekend. Many people ask specific times and I think it depends on your goals and what you feel like your body adapts to the best. I can’t bring myself to lift early in the am personally. Just me though.

-I love drinking my green tea. It gets my digestive track going and is my caffeine drink!

-I drink a TON of water. It is typically all that I drink besides my protein shakes and of course my green tea. If you ask me how much I drink.. I typically will strive for about a gallon. Just because it’s where my energy level feels good.

I hope this helps give you an idea of some of the things I do since I get asked on a daily basis. I constantly am doing trial and error with food, workouts and more just to see how my body reacts and feels. I highly encourage you to do the same. Remember, things take time and always be kind to yourself during the process. It is always evolving.

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Fitness, business & life coach ready to take you to the next level. Showing you that success is being who you are.

Fitness, business & life coach ready to take you to the next level. Showing you that success is being who you are.

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