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Are you new to pageants? Are you a competitor who is trying to improve your scores? Are you the parent of a competitor and want to support your child any way you can? A great place to start is with my free pageant coaching!!!

You’ll Receive:

michelle3DThe first three chapters of my new e-book, Crown Connection Secrets to success in pageants and in life. Learn what to do while preparing for your next pageant. Decide how you will present yourself. Gain insight into the secrets of pageant winners.










3 weeks to crownThree Weeks to the Crown is a series of lessons delivered directly to your inbox. Monday through  Friday for  three weeks you will receive a new lesson each day. At the end of each lesson, you will  have one action step  for you to complete. You will learn how to choose the system that is right for  you. Create a budget and  pageant schedule. One whole lesson is on how to practice for your next  pageant. Know what you need to be  in shape and how to eat so you will be ready for your next  pageant even if you aren’t competing in swimsuit.  Lean how to choose your perfect gown, swimsuit  and interview outfit. At the end of three weeks, you will feel  more confident and ready for that next  big pageant!





NewsletterReceive all the articles from my website right in your inbox! Get tips from Michelle and other guest bloggers to keep you on track, inspire you toward your dreams and give you the tips and tools you need for your next pageant!




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  • Gabrielle Eulenfeld

    I’m new and I am hoping this helps!!!

  • michellefieldllc

    Just sign up for the free three week program and weekly advice and tips.

  • Carissa Rusch

    We would appreciate any tip tricks or advise

  • michellefieldllc

    Try opening the page in a new browser or on a different device.

  • Darci Revelli

    I am a mother of a beautiful, talented daughter who has placed in the top 5 for 3 years.. This is her last year and I would like no LOVE for her to have all the tools necessary to take home the crown. I am begging for help.. She needs this for her self esteem, she lost her older brother 4 years at the young age of 20and I know she wants this for herself and him.. I am willing to travel, any help would be so greatly appreciated… Thank You so much!!! By the way she has been in the Miss Wyoming USA and her name is Lexi Revelli if you would like to see her photos… Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Michelle

    Every time I try to sign up i just come to the top on this page can you help me sign up

  • rae mclean

    dear Michelle,
    I am thinking of signing up for a 3 hour course with you. Do you have any time on Monday 5/4 afternoon /evening. My daughter has her head shot for miss Colorado on Tues and would love to get some tips prior to the headshot.
    thank you

  • michellefieldllc

    Be sure to click on the tab for Winning Pageant Coaching to learn about all my options for winning your next pageant!

  • Shivani Shetty

    I need help for pageant training and this site is really amazing.

  • Amelia Gilliam

    Thank you!

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