Goal Setting Gone Wrong


I cleared my desk off and discovered last years goals. There were about ten goals hand written on a piece of paper. I had put it in plain view on a bulletin board just above my computer screen. I began at the top. Goal #1-nope, Goal #2-major fail, Goal #3-not, all the way down. I did not accomplish even one of my goals that I wrote down last year.Serious goal setting gone wrong! In spite of using all the tips I have given on my blog over the years, I didn’t meet a single goal. Yep, just being transparent with you. I think most people have years like this. So, what went wrong?

I have several theories. One of my goals was completely out of my control. I just didn’t have the motivation to meet another goal. I don’t have enough information to meet one goal. So what am I to do for this year knowing that last year was a complete failure?

Well, first of all, I don’t believe last year was a total failure. I did a lot of online business classes to help me market my services to reach more people who may want them. I learned a lot about myself and continued in my personal growth. God revealed much to me on the spiritual side of my life. I made more time for family. So, over all, it was a good year.

Are you still looking to create your goals for 2015? Start with my article Resolutions vs Goals. After you have read that, grab your goals from last year and see what ones you accomplished. If you accomplished even one, take a moment to celebrate. It is so important to celebrate even the small successes in our lives! Then take a good look at the ones you didn’t accomplish or partially accomplished. Ask yourself some questions.

Why did you set this goal in the first place?
Do you alone have control over this goal?
Did your goal contain quantifiable elements?
Did you write your goal in the present tense with a future date?
Was your goal written in positive wording?
Be real! Do you actually want this goal still?

Now that you have had time to review those goals, you need to decide a few things. Will you keep any of the goals from last year? If you do decide to keep some, how can you reword them to be more successful? What new goals do you have for yourself? Then you need to rewrite all your new goals following the guidelines in my Resolutions vs Goals article.

I know that I am going to take a few days to really look at my goals for this year. I think I will narrow them down to just a few, perhaps one for each area of my life. I am going to keep them simple this year. Then I’ll write them down and post them in a more prominent place, like my bathroom mirror. I may even write a copy to keep with me so I can take them out often and review them. I know I may have to adjust some things as the year goes on. I think that a review should be done at least every three months. That will help me stay on track.

Thanks for allowing me to be open and honest with you. I hope my suggestions will help you. I would love to see your goals for this year. Feel free to stop by my Facebook page and share your goals with me. Posting them publicly is one way to be accountable. Let’s make this year your year to be Fearlessly Fabulous!




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