How Branding in Pageants Can Help You Win the Crown

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What is branding in pageants? It is creating a consistent message so the judges like you. Whether you have a platform or not, you have a message you are sending to the world. Perhaps it is that you are funny, elegant or compassionate. You may be sending a message that respect for others or caring for animals is important. Everything you do is your brand. Here’s how you can make it work for you to win the crown.

Choose your message

Decide what you want the world to know. What are your passions? You can look in two places to learn what they are, your calendar and your bank account. Passions are what you spend your time and money on. Do you volunteer with a group? Do you buy shirts that support a cause? This is your message.

Once you decide your message, that becomes your platform. You can learn more about choosing your platform in this article: Pageant Platform. Now that you have your platform, you can begin working on your brand.

Create Consistency

Branding means that your platform or message is the same across all areas. If your platform has a color associated with it, try using that for your social media posts, your website and anything else judges may see online. Do some research to learn the color for your platform. Most people know that the American Heart Association’s color is red. Did you know that the color for eating disorders is periwinkle? If you are unsure what color is associated with your particular platform, look it up.

Make sure you are also consistent online. If you are against bullying and yet post degrading comments or posts, you are creating a conflicting image. Make sure that what you say and do online matches what you are trying to convey.

Tell the world

Share your message across all social media platforms and on your blog. Create graphics using a website like Canva. Choose a picture or simply create a simple statement. Then be sure you post it across several social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is also a great way to use the color for your platform. Either make the print that color or use a transparent shape in your color.

Put it in writing

When you fill out your paperwork, make sure you are sharing your platform. Your activities section should include your volunteer work with an organization that demonstrates your message. If you have a section to fill out about how you will promote the pageant, include appearances that go with your platform. Remember to also include it in any ad pages you put in the program.

Talk about it

Interview is the culmination of your pageant branding. Hopefully, you have been sharing your message on social media and in your paperwork. Now, the judges get to learn more about you on a personal basis. This is the time to share your passions. Talking about your platform is a great way to answer the dreaded, “why should we choose you?” It’s what make you unique. Let the judges hear the passion in your voice and see the way your face lights up when you talk about your message.

I have seen branding in pageants be successful repeatedly. I have seen women wear the color of their cause for interview and gown. Their ad page talks about their message. They shared their platform in interview and onstage question. By being consistent across every aspect of competition, the judges saw a strong leader with a strong message.

I love to help women and girls really solidify their message and platform. If you would like to create your own personal brand, you can do that with my private coaching packages. Let’s work together to create consistency with your pageant platform. Get your private coaching package now.



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