January Pack Meeting 2009

Our January Pack Meeting was very festive this month since it had a carnival theme. We started the business portion of our meeting with a flag ceremony including the Pledge of Allegiance. Next we gave out our “Atta Boy” awards. These are awards given by parents and other adults for Cub Scouts who do things for others with out being asked. Some of the awards given were for helping to clean house with out being told or being extra nice to a neighbor (citizenship). Then our regular achievement awards were handed out. We finished our business portion by saying farewell and thank you to our current Scout Master and hello to our new Scout Master. All adult positions in our Scout Pack are volunteer positions. We each give a few hours per week to see that our Scout program is successful.

The main part of the evening was spent with the boys and their families playing games set up by each Den. We had fishing, balloon relay races, mini golf, musical chairs and marbles. The boys that played our marbles games also had the opportunity to earn the marbles belt loop award. Musical chairs and marbles were probably the most popular, but all were enjoyed by the scouts. It was so much fun we had a hard time getting most people to leave when the meeting was over. It is so great to have fun as a community. It’s how citizenship is learned.
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