Miss Crown Jewel

Recently I was speaking with some friends online about wishing there was a way to enter a pageant to get feedback before I compete at Beauties of America this summer. One of my friends, Joy, suggested that I audit a local pageant. After much debate, I decided that it would be a good idea. I would be able to practice my stage work and get feedback on my wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc. So I entered the Miss Crown Jewel Pageant run by Valerie Sweely. It was a fun, one day pageant that had only two areas of competition: Evening wear and fun fashion.

Much to my surprise, three out of the five judges for the day were dear friends. Michelle Wegner, Mrs. United America was one of them. I think I was more nervous because I wanted to do well and impress my friends. I probably tried too hard. They were so gracious and gave me a ton of feedback.

Of course, it was so much fun to watch two of my clients compete. Congratulations to my clients, Tiegan and Hawley for their new titles!!!
This pageant was the morning after Ashley was crowned Jr. Miss Colorado-World. She was still glowing from the night before. I wonder if she ever took the crown off?
It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like a little practice and feedback before their next big pageant.
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