Online Coaching


Online Pageant Coaching, Cheap Pageant Coaching

Many of us would love to work with a pageant coach privately. There are many reasons we just won’t do it. With that in mind, I am offering a variety of online coaching tools to allow you to get the same information I share with my private clients. The best part? NO WAITING! Everything I offer you can begin using right away. No need to wait for a bound book or set of DVDs. Once you have paid, you will be sent to the page that will allow you to get started right away!


Online Interview Class

With my online class, you can learn everything I teach my private clients in the convenience of on online video. You can watch the class where ever you are. Each of the five sections are about 20 minutes long, so you can watch each section on your schedule. A worksheet is included so you will have your interview information in one place. Get started now!

Crown Connection E-Book

My Crown Connection Book is an eBook. No waiting for something to arrive in the mail! Download it immediately and begin reading. Chapters are written in easy to read article style. Readable on any device. Download your copy now!

Pageant 101

This audiophile is perfect for the pageant competitor on the go. Two hours of the same winning secrets I share with my private clients. Download your copy now!

Confidence 101

Want to feel confident? Tired of missing out on life because of your insecurities? Want to live life abundantly? This course is for you. Get started now!