SPARKLE in Interview Class

SPARKLE in Interview Class



Are you afraid of interview? Does the though of onstage question cause your knees to knock? Would you love to learn a life skill you will carry with you the rest of your life? Now you can get the same information I teach in my private sessions with my SPARKLE in Interview Program! Present the best you ever in interview. Gain confidence as you use my simple steps to connect with the judges. Look the part of the queen. Leave the judges wanting you as their title holder. Interview sets the whole tone for the rest of the pageant. If the judges love you in interview, you can even make a mistake on stage and still win!

Here’s what you will learn:

Stress Reduction. Lower your stress level before you walk into interview with three simple exercises. By controlling your nerves, you will allow your confidence to shine through both in the interview room and in the onstage question. Use these exercises to calm your mind and focus on the most important part of interview, highlighting the best of yourself!

Prepare. The interview begins with your paperwork. Learn how to create winning paperwork that will lead the judges to ask the questions you want. If you compete in a pageant that requires and onstage introduction, you can take the worksheets to create a great introduction that will share your unique value.

Arrive with confidence! Learn how to project confidence from how you walk into the room to how you sit in a chair. How you present yourself on stage is a big part of your answer to onstage question. Put your best foot forward knowing you not only look the part, but you are the best choice.

Really connect with the judges. Learn how to take your answers from “ho-hum” to “wow!” Learn tips and techniques to not only answer the questions, but how to have them feel the passion in your answer. By using these techniques, the judges will feel as though they really know you and your passions and will have the information they need to make the best choice.

Know yourself. With a few simple exercises, you will be able to answer any question the judges can ask. By knowing who you are and what you have to offer, your confidence will soar. These exercises will also allow you to answer the three questions that frighten even the most veteran pageant competitor.

Learn to communicate verbally and nonverbally to connect with the judges on a deeper level. Take advantage of my 30 years of teaching interpersonal communications and a Bachelor’s Degree in Interpersonal Communication. Not only learn what to say, but how to say it to make the most impact.

Enjoy Interview! Did you know that you can actually look forward to interview instead of dreading it? Get excited about sharing who you are and why you are the best choice for the crown. Take those skills into the real world and get the scholarships, promotions and jobs you seek.

 Over an hour and half of intensive interview training taught in five easy sections. Watch each section at a convenient time for you. Each section is about 20 minutes long. Pop up words help you remember the main points. Worksheets are included to help you know what to discuss in the actual interview. No wait time, you can start once your payment is received. Watch from any device like your IPad, IPod, phone, laptop or even your blue ray player if it is connected to the internet.  Get everything you need to SPARKLE at your next interview! This is a $150 Value!

Areas covered:

  • Know your why

  • How to look the part

  • Mental Preparation

  • How to sit properly in a chair

  • How to connect with the judges non-verbally

  • How to connect with the judges verbally

  • The five areas from which you can answer any question

  • How to answer the three questions that frighten most pageant contestants

  • How to answer onstage questions and what to do before so you are relaxed

  • How to practice interview

  • What to do once you leave the interview room

  • Introduction

  • Creating winning paperwork


Bonus #1

 You’ll also receive my e-book Crown Connection! Do you want answers now? Would you like to know how to handle mean girls at a pageant? What do you do after the pageant is over? How to keep focused and positive? Walk into interview feeling confident. Get the answers to these questions and more in my E-Book! I have combined years of competing with years as a judge, emcee and coach to bring you a comprehensive guide to competing in pageants and in life. Pageant skills go beyond the pageant to help you create the life of your dreams. Now, there is no waiting! This e-book is yours with the click of a button. Read this PDF version on any device. You can begin your preparation for your next pageant today!

Sections include:

Pageant Preparation
Mental Preparation
How to pay for your pageant
Stage Work
Hair and Makeup
Interview Skills
Onstage Question
How to take fabulous pictures
Packing for your Pageant
For Parents
And so much more!
The best part is that you can download this book immediately! No waiting for it to arrive in the mail! All this information in a 302 page ebook is a $19.95 value! Get your copy now and take your pageant competition to the next level!

Learn the same thing I teach my private clients. Over $150 worth of information for only $57.00! Purchase your copy today and get started on learning to love interview! Yes, Michelle, I am ready to take my pageant skills to the next level

Online Interview package wit bonus for only $57.