Overcome Pageant Fear

Loose the fear in pageants

Fear in pageants can have many names. Stage fright is common among even the most seasoned pageant competitor. Anxiety before the pageant weekend arrives grips many a first time competitor. Nerves can strike anyone before walking into the all important interview. Don’t let fear control you and your chance at the crown. Here are some tips to help.

The judges may be just as nervous as you

Having been a judge, I can assure you that I was probably more nervous than most of the competitors. Judging a pageant is a lot of pressure. I kept thinking to my self, “what if I pick the wrong person?” “What if my scores are completely off from everyone else?” “Can the contestants tell how nervous I am?” I was so scared I would make a mistake. If you have first time judges or judges from outside the pageant world, they may be just as nervous as you are.

Judges aren’t out to get you

Aside from the occasional “mean judge”, most judges just want to try to get to know you better. Their job is to pick who they think will be the best person to wear the crown and represent the pageant system. They may be asking you questions you feel are tough, but they are actually asking valid questions. Even the silly questions are used to see how you will react and if you can actually come up with an answer. They truly want to get to know you.

Know yourself

In my SPARKLE in Interview program, I have you go through a series of questions and worksheets to help you get to know yourself better. Knowing your beliefs, dreams and goals, as well as why you have those beliefs, dreams and goals, will make it all the easier to have a conversation with the judges. When you focus on what makes you unique, it is simple to stand out in a sea of contestants.

Practice, practice, practice

The saying that “practice makes perfect” is only half true. What ever you do in practice, you will do on the stage. That means if you frown when practicing your pageant walk, you will do the same on the stage. Maybe you make a funny face just before answering your practice interview questions. Using a recording device, like your phone, will help you know the areas you need to work on. Then you will truly be practicing perfectly.

Visualization works

Along with the physical practice you’ll do, try doing it in your head. Imagine that perfect walk. See yourself being confident in interview. Go ahead, picture that crown being placed on your head. There is a reason that visualization is used by so many athletes, it works!

Fear, anxiety and stage fright come down to one common cause, the fear of rejection. When you come to the place where you realize that you don’t need the crown to be complete, you take back your power. You really have nothing to fear at a pageant. This is your time to let the judges see the best you.




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