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You have dreamed of wearing a crown since you were a little girl. You have decided to go after that dream and enter a pageant. Perhaps you are frustrated with your scores in past pageants. Now what? Whether you are completely new to pageants, have competed in them for years or are the parent of a pageant competitor, I have the answer you have been looking for in this class!

I was recently at a pageant and had a woman approach me. She really wanted to get my e-book, Crown Connection, but she had a big problem. You see, she is dyslexic and it would take her hours to read it. She wanted to know if I had an audio program that taught the same things.

I’m also aware that different people have different learning strengths. Some people learn best by visual means like reading and pictures. Some people are kinetic or learn best by doing. There are those who learn through hearing. I have a book and video series that works well for the visual learner. Personal one on one coaching works for those who learn by doing. I didn’t have anything for the auditory or hearing learner. As a teacher, that saddened me that I was leaving out an entire group of women who had the potential to win a pageant if only given the right tools.

Then I started to think about the young people of today. Even if the ear buds aren’t in their ears, they are usually around their neck. They listen to music all day. My son even has his radio on at night. Kids today are pugged in! Wouldn’t it be great for young ladies to have a way to listen to pageant coaching right on their phone or iPod?

I decided that it would be great if there were a downloadable training that shared the same pageant secrets as my e-book. Imagine getting to spend two hours with me discovering the same pageant advice I share with my private clients. These easy, proven, exclusive ways to overcome nerves, put together winning pageant paperwork, how to wow the judges on stage and so much more are all on a two hour downloadable audio file. Stop the frustration of not realizing your dream. You are fabulous!

As a competitor, judge and emcee in the pageant industry, I have years of experience. Add to that my degree in Communications and my experience as a model and instructor for Barbizon and you have a winning combination for success. I can help you or your child win a pageant.

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What you’ll learn in this class:

  • Define the true reason you are competing!
  • How to choose the right pageant for the greatest success.
  • Selecting the perfect wardrobe.
  • Three no fail tips to control your nerves and be confident.
  • How to connect with the judges and what they really want!
  • The difference between a platform and a message.
  • Creating paperwork that will grab the judges attention.
  • Why you don’t need the perfect pageant walk!
  • How to prepare mentally.
  • Fitness tips you need even if you aren’t competing in fitness.
  • Five things to pack in your rehearsal bag and one thing to leave behind.
  • The pageant is over, now what?


This class makes pageants easy! It’s for any level pageant competitor age 10 and up. Just download the audio file and take it with you! You already listen to music from your phone, now you can prepare for your next pageant! state system

My private clients would pay over $200 for for this information but you get it for only $57. Bonus: you’ll also receive a copy of my e-book, Crown Connection!


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Ashley Testimony*The fine print. I can not guarantee you will win a pageant. As with all things in life, your success depends on you. Testimonials are unsolicited and feature exceptional young women who have put the time and effort into winning their crowns. No refunds will be given.