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Are you new to pageants and confused about where to start? Are you frustrated by your scores? Do you want to believe that you are the best choice, but struggle with confidence issues? Are you tired of always being a runner up and never winning?

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The biggest problem facing pageant contestants today is adding pageant preparation to an already busy schedule. Simply Google the word Pageant and you’ll get over 47 Million results. With the words, Beauty Pageant, the results are still over 13 million. So much information and so little time!

Have you read every article you can find about competing in a pageant? Have you watched countless hours of pageant video? Do you feel like you have applied everything you know and it still isn’t making a difference in your scores?

Now it’s time for private, one-on-one pageant coaching! Let me work with you to develop a personalized step by step plan to win your next pageant.

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What makes my system so different from any other coach? Since 2009, I have had the honor to work with women and girls to help them bring home the crown on the national, state and local levels. I combine a degree in Interpersonal Communications plus 30 years of teaching these skills. Add to that, my experience as Barbizon model and instructor along with years as a competitor, judge, emcee, pageant writer and hours of research both in and out of the pageant industry. Most pageant coaches are part time at best or worse, pageant coaching is just their hobby. This is my passion, not just my job.


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Here’s what you will learn in our Private Coaching Sessions:

Mental Preparation:
How to dig down deep and know why you are competing
How to change your belief and confidence in yourself
How to stay motivated
What goes into the mental preparation for a pageant

Three easy exercises to do before interview so you are confident before you walk in
Five basic areas of your life you can use to answer any question the judges will throw at you
How to give a confident on-stage interview
Why you need a business plan
How to use social media to promote your title and platform

How to create winning paperwork that will get the judges wanting more
How to lead the judges to ask the questions you want
How to make your paperwork stand out in a sea of contestants

What it takes to create a winning pageant wardrobe
How to choose the perfect gown
What color to wear in interview
How to select the right shoes and accessories

Health and Fitness:
Basic physical preparation
Why it is important even if you aren’t competing in a swimsuit pageant
Healthy eating habits
How to keep up your energy for pageant weekend

Stage Work:
How to connect with the judges from the stage
Do’s and don’ts of stage work
The perfect pageant walk
How to do a circle turn properly

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Isn’t it time to focus on you? Stop guessing what the judges want! Here are the answers you’ve been looking for!

What you’ll get:

Personalized Preparation via phone/Skype/in person
All of my packages come in hourly increments. You may use this time in half hour, one hour or one and a half hour sessions. We will map out your personalized plan to win your next pageant. We can use 30 minute sessions via Skype to perfect your interview skills or that all important paperwork. We can meet in person for hourly sessions to go over stage work and wardrobe. I have access to a large room where we can even do a full dress rehearsal so you are confident and ready to compete. I will work with you to create your pageant perfect package!


You’ll also receive the Royal Collection package to prepare you for our private sessions. You will receive all this immediately so you can begin right away. This package is valued at over $600!


What happens next?

Once you purchase the package of hours that best fits your schedule and budget, I will contact you to set up our first appointment. You’ll also receive the links immediately to the online products so you can start your learning process right away. I will ask you to at least view the videos and fill out the worksheets for our first session. You’ll receive follow up emails to let you know what you will need to bring or send for our first session.

I can’t wait to get started with you! Let’s do this together! Purchase your package today!*

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7  Hour Package $756

5 Hour Package $540

3 Hour Package $324

*The fine print:  All coaching packages must be completed within one year from the date of purchase and are nontransferable. There will be no refunds for any unused hours. If you are unable to keep a coaching appointment for any reason, I must be notified  by phone at least 24 hours in advance or 1 hour for regular packages will be deducted from your package. By purchasing a package, you agree to these terms.