Pageant Hotels, should you stay?

Pageant Hotels

Pageant hotels are provided by the director of a pageant. There is usually a block of rooms that have been reserved for the pageant and at a discount for the participants and their families. Even with the discount, this is an extra expense. Is it really worth staying at these hotels?

I remember my first adult pageant. It was held in the city where I lived. The pageant was over four days long and that would mean four nights of hotel stay. I had four kids at home, I was working and I still had a household to run. I decided to forgo the expense and stay at home while commuting to the pageant hotel for the events.

After the pageant was over, I reflected on the week of events. It was a wonderful time, but I was trying to live dual lives. I was wearing multiple hats at the same time, and not really doing any of them well. When I was with my family, I was thinking about the pageant. I was wondering what I might be missing at home while I was at the pageant. Although I had a special time, but I felt like I missed out on a lot of things.

So, what do I recommend? I would stay at the host pageant hotels. Since that time, I have made a point to stay at the hotel and it has been a good decision.

Stay focused

By staying at the host pageant hotel, you can be completely present for the pageant. Make a point to let those who may need to contact you that you will be either unavailable or available in only small amounts of time. This is the time to use that “away” message for your emails. Have the discipline to check social media only at certain times. If your family is staying in the hotel, make sure you have a separate room and someone to watch the kids so you can free your mind to focus on your competition.

Make new friends

I have made a point to get a roommate as often as possible. Not only does it save me money, but I have left the pageant with a new friend every time. After we both get settled, I make a point to go over schedules and how to work the bathroom use. By setting a schedule up early, it prevents frustrations later. Once that is done, we can relax and get to know each other.

Save time

By staying at the host hotel, you will save so much travel time and money. No need to take an Uber or taxi. You are already there. This lowers the risk of being late for an event or rehearsal. It also saves time because you don’t have to search for a place to eat. All this is just one part of lowering your stress level.

Lower your stress level

Pageant week or weekend is already full of stress. You’ve finally made it. You have the perfect wardrobe and you have practiced your interview skills. Now it is time to relax and focus on you. Use the gym or sit in the hot tub. Curl up with an inspiring book. Write in your journal. All of these things will help keep you focused and relaxed.

Control your diet

If you have food allergies or are trying to eat clean, there are options to do that in a hotel setting. When you make your reservations, request a small fridge and microwave. Once you arrive, take some time to run to a grocery store and stock up on healthy snacks and meals. Now you are in control of what you eat instead of feasting on high fat and high sugar options in the hotel restaurant.

So, the next time you are considering staying in one of the pageant hotels, think about the benefits. You can stay focused, make new friends, save time, lower your stress level and stay in control of the foods you eat. It will be worth it!

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