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Pageant Nails

Personally, I love a manicure and a pedicure, affectionately known as a mani/pedi. It is a wonderful way to relax just before a pageant. However, this isn’t the time to go for those neon colors or the gel polish with sparkles. Your pageant nails need to be more subdued so the judges aren’t distracted and can focus on you!

Get a Pedicure

I strongly recommend a pedicure no matter what. Those tootsies will show in your strappy heels, as well as any crusty heels you may have. I recommend a pink or nude color for your toes. We don’t want the judges staring at your lime green nail polish. We want them looking at your beautiful face.

Choose a Nail Type

There are many options for finger nails these days. You can choose from acrylic, gel or the new shellac polish. If you have not worn acrylic or gel nails, please start wearing them about a month to six weeks in advance. You don’t want to get to your pageant only to learn that you can’t button your jacket or zip your dress with the length of your nails. I recommend the newer short length with an oval tip. This looks more natural. Get the natural tips and then ask for a nude color close to your natural nail bed. This will help your fingers look longer.

If you don’t want to wear acrylic or gel nails, the new shellac/gel polish is a fabulous alternative. Your natural nail is left intact instead of being filed down. This is a much healthier alternative and is very long lasting. It comes in many colors, but, again, I recommend a color close to your own nail bed or a light pink. Think bridal colors.

Go Nude!

Of course, you may go with a regular manicure. For this option, I recommend you ask for your nails to be buffed to a glossy sheen. By not putting any polish on your nails, there is no risk of it chipping or smudging. In my book, there is nothing more beautiful than natural nails.

The Exception

But wait! Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, wore red nail polish and went on to win Miss Universe 2011! Yes, she did. I believe that the reason it was successful for her was that the red of her nail polish was close to the tone of her skin. In other words, it didn’t stand out as much as it would have if it were on pale skin. I also believe that she kept the judges attention on her face so they didn’t notice her red nails.

The whole point of your pageant nails, whether you choose acrylic/gel, shellac or natural, is to provide a “polished” look, pun intended. As a contestant, you certainly don’t want the judges distracted by your nails. This means that anything you can do to minimize attention to your hands and feet and keep the judges focus on you and your beautiful face will be well received. So before your next competition, go ahead and indulge in a mani/pedi!

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