5 Pageant Packing Tips

5 Pageant Packing Tips

I am married to an Eagle Scout, Scoutmaster and Superintendent of a Boy Scout Ranch. He has packed his own bags since he was a Boy Scout. After we were married and started travelling together, he shared some of his tips. I also had other pageant people share some tips for zippered storage bags and packing for a pageant. Here are my tips, all in one place.

1)Hang your shoes and jewelry with each outfit. When you are packing, take a bag and punch a hole in one corner near the zipper. Put your shoes and earrings for that outfit in that bag. Then put the bag on the same hanger by threading the hook of the hanger through the hole you made. Now all your outfits is in one place and there is little chance you will be rummaging through a pile of jewelry trying to find those earrings.

2)Pack your gooey things in a bag. One of the tips my husband taught me early on is to put all my gooey things, like toothpaste and hair gel in a plastic bag. This keeps thing from oozing all over your wardrobe or the inside of your bag. I have, more than once, opened my suitcase to discover that something had exploded in transit. However, by having packed it in a bag, the mess was contained.

3)Pack your makeup in a plastic bag. I love being able to see my makeup at a glance. Now I don’t have to put all my makeup on the counter of a hotel in order to find things. I was laughed at for using a plastic bag instead of a “real” makeup bag. But, I’ll stick to my clear plastic ones for now.

4)Be sure to have all your lipgloss and other items in a small sandwich sized bag. By having it ready to go through security, you will save time and embarrassment. It is still required, at the time of this article, to have these in a small bag to be put in the bin to go through security.

5)Pack all your things in a bag. Use the Jumbo size bags to pack all your things. Put all your underwear in one bag, shirts in another and so forth. Once you have packed all your items in these bags, zip the top to within about one inch. Then press as much air out of your bag. Now you can fit more things in your bags. The best part is that all your things will arrive clean and dry. I have certainly seen bags sitting on the tarmac in the rain.

So the next time you pack for a pageant or a vacation, be sure to put those clear plastic zippered bags to use. For more tips on preparing for your pageant, grab a copy of my ebook, Crown Connection.




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