Pageant preparation 5 things to do now!

Pageant Preparation

Many women approach competing just like doing dishes. Some will never let them pile up in the sink and would wash them the moment they get dirty. Others would have washed all the glasses first, then the plates and the pots last. I simply grabbed something and wash it. The last group would simply throw up their hands and walk away or get someone else to do it.

Do it now! 

My sister in law is the type who would wash those dishes immediately after they became dirty. She never would have allowed them to pile up like this. She makes the time after every meal and snack to wash those dishes. This is easiest for her. You can approach your pageant prep in the same way. Simply plan a little every day and get it done. Be sure to put it on your schedule and assume it will be done at a certain time. Perhaps you will always practice interview right after dinner.

Focus on one thing!

My husband insists that the proper way to get the dishes done is to wash all the glass wear first, then plates, then pot and silverware last. He takes each type of item and washes them in a certain order. You can do your pageant prep in the same way. First decide what needs to be done, categorize it and attack each section with intense focus.

Wash what ever is closest! 

This is my way of washing dishes. I know exactly where everything will go once it is clean, but I don’t care what order I do it in. So I simply start washing. Your pageant prep with this method would look something like this. Start on the internet looking for dresses, then realize you need an interview outfit, of course you need shoes! At the end of your time, you have selected all three. It’s done!

Get someone else to do it! 

I will ask my sons or husband to wash the dishes when I just can’t do it. Perhaps I have too much on my plate or I just can’t mentally deal with it. They are happy to help, most of the time. There are fabulous people who would love to do some of the pageant prep for you. They are called stylists, hair and makeup people, interview coaches and gown shop owners.

Just walk away! 

There will always be those who will simply walk away because they feel overwhelmed. They will never compete, or if they do, they simply won’t prepare. Perhaps they don’t even know how to prepare. There are thousands of young women and girls who will never compete in a pageant simply because they don’t know where to start.

Just start!

Stress management is very important to me. I teach it to all my clients as well. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what method you choose, it simply matters that you start. Any action will get you closer to that dream. So don’t just sit there! Do something! Any of these methods would have cleaned with the dishes, except the last one. Even that is a way to deal with them. So it doesn’t matter how you wash the dishes, the important thing is that you reach your goal.

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