Pageant Preparation


Pageant Preparation

Pageant preparation is more than just finding a pretty gown. There are things that need to begin as soon as you decide to compete. You can begin even before you decide what pageant. By doing these five things, you’ll be ready to fill out that paperwork and enter your pageant.

Current Events

Take the time at least once a week to keep up with current events. Look at news websites and read the headlines. After you decide on the top five events for the week, do a little research and form an opinion. This is great preparation for those onstage and interview questions.

Personal Trainer

If you aren’t working with a personal trainer, now is the time to start. Whether you want to gain 5 pounds of muscle or lose 20 pounds of fat, you need to start now to have the toned body the judges look for in a swimsuit. Even if you are not competing in a swimsuit, the confidence you will gain will be well worth it. Most personal trainers will start out working with you as little as once a month, then step things up as you get closer to your pageant.

Pageant Platform

Now is the time to develop a pageant platform and start your volunteer hours. It doesn’t look good to a judge for you to have a platform and your only volunteer hours are recent and/or only one event. Try to do something at least once a month with your platform. If you are working with an organization, contact them to see what you can volunteer to do. If you are creating your own platform, create opportunities to get the word out. Start a website, seek out speaking engagements, and visit those whom you are trying to reach. Do something!

Public Speaking

A great way to develop your public speaking skills is to join an organization called Toast Masters. They are an international group dedicated to improving communication skills. There are chapters all over the world and they meet at a variety of times. I am sure you can find one close by that will fit into your already busy schedule. They welcome new members at their meetings. It’s a great way to prepare for interview and on stage questions.


As we all know, pageants can be expensive. From the wardrobe to the entry fee, most pageants will cost you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to $5000 or more. Open a separate savings account just for your pageant expenses. If you put just $25 a week into a saving account, you would have $1300 in a year’s time. Even if you can only afford $10 a week, you would have over $500 in that same time. Every little bit helps. This way you don’t suffer “sticker shock” when you realize you don’t have the money for that new gown or to work with that pageant coach.

So, when should you start preparing for your next pageant even if it is a year away? Start today and you will be ready for any last minute preparations. If you decide not to compete, you will have spent the year improving your most important asset, YOU!!!

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