Pageant Winning Smile

5 Tips for a winning smile

A pageant winning smile can be expensive. I love reading Allure Magazine. Each month I eagerly sit down to skim through it and then read each article. Some of my coaching tips have come from this magazine. One thing I always see is an ad for some teeth whitening products. They range from toothpaste to blue light whiteners. You can spend even more money getting those pearly whites by going to your dentist! Here are some inexpensive tips for whiter teeth you can do at home.

 Peroxide/Baking Soda 

I began using this combination as a substitute for toothpaste. Before my diagnosis of gluten intolerance, I had terrible gums and often has sores in my mouth. This combination seemed to heel my gums and keep my mouth from having other issues. A wonderful side effect was the whitening of my teeth. I used this every day, but I have a friend who likes to brush with this once a week. I simply pour the hydrogen peroxide over my toothbrush and dip it in a small amount of baking soda. Then I would brush normally. It doesn’t taste good, but it sure works.

 Use a sonic toothbrush 

Several years ago I received a Sonicare Toothbrush as a Christmas gift. I have to say, it was one of the best gifts ever. I have actually worn that one out and am on my second one. These get teeth cleaner than regular brushing. This also makes your teeth whiter by removing more plaque. Of course, flossing is a must for that pageant winning smile!

 Wear blue based lipstick or gloss 

This is an old makeup artist trick I learned a long time ago. The blue in the lipstick will counter the yellow on your teeth making them appear whiter. OK, so they aren’t actually any whiter than when you started, but the will look whiter. That’s what counts.

 Use Whitening Toothpaste 

I think just about every brand of toothpaste offers a whitening formula. Although the amount of peroxide in these products won’t make a huge difference, it is a start. Brushing regularly may make a small difference and help keep your teeth clean between dentist visits.

 Whitening Strips 

I have used these in the past and found them to be fairly effective. They are less expensive than a professional whitening visit. They do take time. Some are only to be worn for as little as 20 minutes. Others need to be worn for an hour or two. You will taste the peroxide in these and I found my teeth to be sensitive after using them. This requires some patience also as these can take several applications to work.

 Avoid foods and drinks that will stain your teeth 

These include drinks like coffee, tea, cola and red wine. That pasta sauce you love may also stain your teeth. Berries, like blueberries are known to stain teeth. Beware of even your sports drinks. Avoiding these, or at least using a straw will help to reduce your stains and keep your teeth whiter.

In general, good oral hygiene will be more than adequate to keep those pearly whites. However, if after all these tips, you still want whiter teeth, I recommend going to a professional. Check with your dentist. Most offer teeth whitening service. Lastly, remember to smile! That’s the best way to show off those bright white teeth.

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