Reflections on Mrs. Colorado International 2009

Here are my reflections on my year. It was difficult to narrow it down to a few pictures since I made 90 appearances, but here are some of my highlights:
Being crowned by my husband and Mrs. Colorado International 2008, the beautiful Brenda Baecker.
I was so proud to win the Spirit of Pageantry award. It really meant a lot to win this award.
My platform was Boy Scouts of America. I am so proud of these guys who crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts this past January. I watched them grow from awkward and rambunctious Tiger Scouts to respectful and mature Boy Scouts.
As part of the International system I made several appearances with the American Heart Association and their Go Red for Women campaign. The International pageant has an exclusive platform with Go Red. I was so honored to represent this amazing group.
So many of my appearances were with Chaplain Rourk of the Civil Air Patrol as well as other wonderful queens from all over Colorado. I have become so close with many of these queens. We all adore Chaplain Rourk!
Children’s Hospital was one of the only appearances I made with both sister queens, Jamie Patrick, Miss Colorado International and Emily Schlehuber, Miss Teen Colorado International. We spent over three hours going from room to room sharing smiles, stories and signing autograph cards. What a wonderful experience!
Competing at the Mrs. International Pageant was one of the highlights of my year. I met so many amazing women and I am proud to call them all my beautiful sister queens.
I was also honored to meet my mentor, hero, pageant coach and friend, Suzy Bootz, Mrs. International 2006.
Then I had the privilege of staying for the Miss and Miss Teen International Pageant. It was wonderful to spend a whole week with Jamie, Emily and Cindy Harwood, our Director.
Toward the end of my year, I was blessed to take a trip to Maryland and Virginia to attend the Mrs. MD/VA International pageant. I also met one of my dearest Facebook friends in person, the amazing LaQuisha Hall, Mrs. Maryland Galaxy. It was wonderful to reconnect with Adrienne Carver, Mrs. Maryland International.
In October, We held the Colorado International 2010 pageant. My dear friend Arma Shahiti, Mrs. International 2009 was the emcee. I also had the wonderful job of helping to crown my successor and friend, Roni Bibb.
I have been blessed by an amazing year and will forever be your Mrs. Colorado International 20009. I now here are the words of my final walk:
To my God: Thank You for the blessing of being Mrs. Colorado International. This year has been a dream come true for me and has lead me to dream even bigger.

To my husband, Scott: Thank you for supporting me event when you didn’t understand the “why”. I love you as my best friend and partner in life. If the past 25 years are any indication of the next 25 years, I know that no matter what comes along, I will have your love to get us through.
To my children: Rachel, you are my example of an overcomer. Stephen you have shown me how to beat the stereotypes. Joshua, you have been a wonderful escort and photographer. Matt, you are always ready to make me laugh. Thank you all.
To my mom: You have always believed in me. Thank you for allowing me to be different and pursue my dreams, even when you weren’t quite sure where they would lead.
Emily and Jamie: Thank you so much for allowing me to share in your lives. The time we spent in Chicago will be treasured forever. I wish you blessings as you each move on to the next phase of your lives.
Cindy, my director: Thank you for the opportunity and freedom to be the best Mrs. Colorado International I can be. It has meant so much to me that you have trusted me with so much responsibility. I look forward to seeing where Colorado International pageants will go.
To all the former Queens who have supported me: Brenda, Mrs. Colorado International 2008, thank you so much for your support even before I wore the crown. Jessica, Mrs. Colorado International 2007, thank you for laughing and crying with me. Also, thank you for the walking lessons. They really gave me the confidence to walk on stage. Christine, Mrs. Colorado International 2006, thank you for the dresses you loaned me. I felt like a queen in all new clothes.
To the new Queen I say, this crown and banner are merely a platform for you to dive off of. You can stand timidly back from the edge and keep yourself safe and dry, or you can dive off the platform, head first into the water and make a really big splash. I hope you choose to dive.

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