Rehearsal Bag must haves

Rehearsal Bag Must Haves

It’s finally the big weekend. You are feeling confident and ready. Besides your competition shoes for rehearsal, you’ll need to pack these 5 essential things in your rehearsal bag and leave this one surprising thing in your room.

Pageant Notebook

Your pageant notebook is a great thing to carry with you. You can review notes at any time you have a break. You can also jot down notes if there is something you want to remember. You may have already had your interview, but that all important “on stage” question may still be ahead. You can keep reviewing what you have in your notebook.

Positive or Encouraging book

The book can be something short like a children’s book. You may want to bring a book like “The Little Engine That Could” to encourage to keep going. Perhaps you want to read a book with a little more adult context, like “The Go Getter”. Maybe you have a book of poems or other encouraging or uplifting text. Anything that keeps you in a positive mood will work. This is a great way to keep your mind engaged during a break.

Mp3 Player

Make sure you have an Mp3 playlist that is full of upbeat songs that make you want to dance. Put in your earbuds when ever the talk turns to gossip or becomes negative in any way and walk away. This will signal to others to leave you alone. You could also turn on dance music on your break to lighten up a conversation if it becomes negative. Be sure to pay attention to the people leading the rehearsal though, you don’t want to miss anything.


Keep either a water bottle or bottled water. This is not the time to cut back on water. You need it now, more than ever, to keep your brain functioning at full capacity. I have heard of women who will dehydrate to get a more “cut” look to their muscles. This is actually very dangerous and I can not condone this practice. Severe dehydration can actually lead to brain damage. You will not be graceful if you pass out on stage. Drink plenty of water!

Keep Sake

If you have a “good luck charm” or a picture of yourself wearing a crown, keep this handy so you can remind yourself why you are here and how far you have come. Perhaps it is something a friend or parent gave you to wish you luck. Maybe someone gave you a small Teddy Bear in a gown and crown. No matter what it is, it will help you keep up your confidence each time you look at it.

One Thing To Leave In Your Room!

Leave your phone in your room. I know you probably plan to take pictures with it. Bring a camera instead. There will be a temptation to see what others are posting or worse yet, to go to those awful VOY boards. Stay off Facebook, Twitter and all other social media sites. The one exception, and only if you are very disciplined, is to check your own Facebook page to see all the encouraging posts. Going online or posting pictures during rehearsal is a huge distraction. Just don’t do it.

By bringing these items with you, you will have positive ways to fill those break times. Don’t worry about talking with all the other competitors. This is your time to focus on you. Unless your goal is to win Miss Congeniality, you need to stay positive and confident. Here’s to your connecting with the crown.

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