Resurrect your Dreams


resurrect your dreams


Dreams are fragile and often don’t quite look like they should. This was true in the Bible. You can read about dreams in the story of Joseph. Here was a man who had dreams that lead him to believe that he would be a great leader. After enduring many hardships and even leaving his homeland and moving to a foreign land, he became that great leader and saved his people. It is seen over and over again. In today’s time, it happens all the time. Dreams change, get buried and even die. I am here to encourage you to resurrect your dreams.

I love the story of the Three Trees. It goes something like this. Once, three trees stood on a high hill. The first one dreamed of becoming a treasure chest, the second one dreamed of becoming a mighty sailing ship and the third dreamed of simply becoming the tallest tree and pointing everyone to God. The carpenter came and cut down all three trees, including the one who wanted to become the tallest tree.

The first tree was fashioned into a manger and held straw for farm animals. The second tree was made into a simple fishing boat and the third tree was simply made into beams and left in a lumber yard. Each tree knew their dreams were dead. You can’t remake a tree into something else after it has be cut up and made into something.

Then one day, the manger held a small, new born baby and he knew he was cradling the greatest treasure in the world. The small fishing boat marveled at how the stranger calmed the sea and knew he was carrying a greater load than any might sailing vessel would hold. The third tree was fashioned into a cross and carried through the streets. A man was nailed to it and the tree felt dirty and ashamed. But on the third day, the tree knew that whenever anyone though of it, they would think of God.

I love how this story illustrates just how God can use broken dreams and shattered lives. He can take them, mold them into something new and better and use them to point people to hope. Did you dream of being Miss America but you are now a 40 year old mother of two? Then compete in a pageant that has age divisions, like the United America Pageant! Have you always wanted to be a doctor and help others, but never had the money or time? Go on a mission trip with a medical team. You will come home changed. Has your dream of becoming a ballerina been put in a box in your attic? Sign up for a ballet class today! There are plenty of adult classes, just check around. No matter what your dream was and where it is today, if you put it in the hands of God, He can make something beautiful!

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  • Loved the post. Inspired me. Thank you. Big hugs and smiles. Xxx

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