Social Media Spring Cleaning

Social Media Spring Cleaning

Social media had become a huge part of our lives. Even my parents have Facebook! If you have a phone or computer, you probably have several social media sites that you check every day, a lot! Spring is a great time to clean house, your wardrobe and even your social media apps. Here are some tips.

Limit your apps to just three

There are so many apps these days. It seems a new one is popping up each day. There is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat and so on. Facebook continues to dominate the field, but there are so many more. It’s difficult to manage so many sites. Cut back to just three. It’s so much more manageable. It will lower your stress and you’ll actually be more effective. Remember to close those accounts so they don’t just hang out there.

Clean out negative people

We all have that person we are “friends” with who is always complaining or going on a rant. You may not actually read those rants, but they are in your feed. Every time you see that rant or that person in your feed, there is a sense of dread. You don’t need that! If you can’t delete and block them because they are family, just unfollow them so they no longer come up in your feed. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Unfollow non-followers

Social media etiquette often dictates that you follow people back, especially on Instagram. However, there are those who will follow you just to boost their follower numbers. Shortly after they follow you, they will unfollow you so their numbers look better. There are several apps that can help manage your accounts, especially Instagram. Check them out in the app store. Most are free and easy to use. Check them every few days to clean out your non-followers.

Check your settings

Make sure you have your settings where you want them. Many apps have constant updates. Your settings may get changed. Also, there can be improvements that would benefit you. Now that you only have three sites, it’s much easier to manage all those settings. Customize them to your needs and for your own protection.

Clean up your apps on your phone

Do you have three or more pages of apps on your phone? Do you spend time trying to find that one that you need? Take all the apps that you never or rarely use and put them in a folder. Clean up enough that you only have one to two pages of apps left. Keep your most used ones on the first page and put your secondary ones on the next. This will keep your phone neat and easier to use.

Spring is a great time to clean up your social media, but really, any time is perfect. Personally, I’ve dropped Twitter and now only use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s so much easier managing only three accounts. Now to figure out my password to close my MySpace account!




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