Just Breathe Eleven Steps to Stress-Less Living


Stress! We all experience it. It causes you to worry and be anxious. It causes health and mental problems. School students experience it during test taking and preparing for projects. Parents experience it while raising children. Business people experience it while trying to provide a product or service that will help others. Even pastors experience it when planning those all important sermons. No one is exempt! How would you like to stress-less?

Stress can not be eliminated from our lives, and quite frankly, you wouldn’t want it to either. If our lives had no stress, we would quickly become bored. If you’ve ever seen the Matrix movies, the problem the machines had in the beginning was that when they created a utopian earth, people simply died for lack of challenges. We need challenges to grow!

But, what would your life look like if you could control the amount of stress you had in your life? What if you actually were able to choose what stresses you out and what doesn’t? What would you do with better sleep, more energy and less anxiety? What would you do if you were actually happy?This class will help you to find out.

Michelle has been an educator for over 30 years. She has taught preschool

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to find and maintain joy even in the midst of difficulties.

  • How to determine the best choice in each situation.

  • Why your mom was right about cleaning your room.

  • Different ways to tame the “to do” list.

  • How to create boundaries and why you need them.

  • Why taking time out of your busy schedule will actually make you more productive.

  • Why you need to take care of you first.

  • How to be in control of your emotions and not let them control you.

  • Ways to communicate effectively and how to actually be heard.

  • Plus so much more!

You’ll  be able to take these ten simple steps and apply them right away. No need to wait for the perfect time. You can take these strategies and apply them to your personal life, business, work place, marriage, parenting and even your spiritual life. These steps are so simple, that even children can apply them.

Who this class is NOT for:

  • People who like to blame others for their failures.

  • People who like to be miserable and enjoy making others miserable as well.

  • People who don’t believe they have the power or energy to change.

  • People who think their situation is out of their control.

  • People who just want to complain.

If you are not going to apply these principals, please do not purchase this program.  

You’ll receive:

  • Over one hour of online video instruction.

  • a printable graphic of tenants of Just Breathe for you to post for a daily reminder.

  • A workbook to help you follow along and apply what you learn.

If you are ready to reduce stress, increase energy, gain more time and improve your outlook, then this class is for you! Purchase your seat today! The entire program will be released February 9th. If you purchase before the release date, you’ll get the program for only $15.00. After the release date, the price will go up!

Yes, Michelle, I am ready to stress less! One payment of $27.00

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