Tame your time

by michellefieldllc on January 21, 2016

Tame your time. #stressmanagement #timemanagement

Time! There never seems to be enough! We are all so busy with school or work, friends, family and service. Then you add social media to the mix and, at the end of the day we are left wondering where all that time went.

Once of the merit badges I teach for Boy Scouts is called Personal Management. It focuses on both money and time. Some of the requirements include planning a project with timeline and budget and a major purchase. It also includes requirements dealing with investing and saving. Although it is only one small requirement, the most difficult one for the boys to do requires creating a one week calendar.

The boys are first asked to create a to-do list. Then they take a one week calendar and divide each day into hourly increments. The first thing they fill in are the known prescheduled activities, like school, church and, of course, the Boy Scout weekly meeting. Then they add in their to-do list. This includes things like chores, homework and activities. Lastly, they are asked to follow the schedule for just one week.

It is always interesting to go over the plan at the end of the week. Most report that they were more efficient with their time. All report that not everything happened when it was scheduled. Some boys report that they had less stress because they knew when things were going to happen. Some, just have trouble understanding the concept and have to repeat the exercise. They all learn better time management.

So, how do you manage your time? Does someone else do it for you? Do you use your phone calendar, paper calendar, a large dry erase calendar or all three? Maybe you simply “go with the flow”.

No matter how you deal with time, it is a precious commodity. We each only have 24 hours in each day to sleep, eat, work, play and relax. Yep, you have the exact same amount of time as your boss, teacher, neighbor and the millionaire or reigning queen. It will never change.

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