The Passing of Pageant Patty

The passing of

Pageant Patty is no more real than Betty Crocker, but somehow, we all know one. She has the perfectly rehearsed pageant walk and the carefully crafted interview answer for everything. Her hair and makeup are always on point. Even her wardrobe, which costs a small fortune, is perfect. There was a time when this person would win the pageant. So why doesn’t Pageant Patty win as much, if at all, any more?

I think a great example of this phenomenon is our newest Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. Her first runner up was Miss Columbia, Laura Gonzalez. Laura had the perfect look. She was poised as she answered her onstage question. She had the perfect smile and even the classic pageant walk. Everything was perfect. Apparently, too perfect.

Compare her to Demi-Leigh. Demi-Leigh wore her hair piled up on top of her head instead of the traditional long curls. She wore a small pair of studs instead of the long earrings for evening gown. For her gown shoes, she chose to forgo the nude Chines Laundry sandals for a chunky heeled, sparkly shoe. In my opinion, Demi-Leigh broke all the Pageant Patty rules right down to her “imperfect” walk.

So, how did she win when she was up against the very polished Miss Columbia? I think it all comes down to her doing what she did best, being her genuine self. She flirted with the camera. The smile on her face was so genuine and fun. Her answer for the onstage question was was well researched but unrehearsed. That whole package is so appealing today.

Judges are no longer looking for the Pageant Patty of years ago. The rehearsed interview answers have gone to simple conversations. Perfect pageant walks have been replaced with true confidence. Judges are looking for real women and girls who are comfortable in their own skin and confident in who they are.

So, why would anyone even need a coach anymore? I can tell you that coaching is still a great way to build your confidence and be fully prepared. A coach can help you to create the perfect pageant paperwork to showcase you and help the judges get to know the real you. A good pageant coach will help you develop your conversation skills to help you stand out in a sea of nervous contestants. By building your confidence, you will be free to simply be you.

Let’s partner together to create a lasting memory of you. You are unique! Let’s make sure the judges see that. Grab your private coaching package now. Let’s make this your year to win!




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