three tips for that perfect pageant gown fit

by michellefieldllc on September 18, 2017

Three tips for that perfect pageant gown fit

You have just purchased the perfect, winning gown for your next pageant. You excitedly open the gown bag to reveal the dress of your dreams. You can just picture yourself wearing it as they place that crown on your head. Quickly, you try the gown on only to discover that it is too big or too tight. Your face falls as the excitement wanes. What do you do now? Here are my tips for a pageant perfect gown fit.

Buy one to two sizes too big.

Whether you try the outfit on in the store or order it online, get it one size bigger than you would normally wear. If you have a body part, like your hips or chest, that is a different size from the rest of you, order one size bigger than that body part. This goes for your gown, interview outfit, fun fashion and even fitness wear. No matter what you are going to wear for your pageant, get it one size too big. I even like to get my shoes a half to a whole size too big and put padding in the bottom. It’s a great trick for making heels more tolerable.

Find an amazing tailor.

If you don’t already have a tailor or if you have one that isn’t familiar with wedding gowns, you’ll need to find one. Some great resources are family and friends, your local dry cleaner and even a men’s tux rental place. Ask them if know of any tailors that can alter a bridal gown. That is important since you will have a gown similar to a wedding gown with beading and complicated seams. If they can alter your gown, they probably can do the rest of your wardrobe. A good tailor will help you achieve that perfect pageant gown fit.


I usually recommend you wait until about two weeks before you have to leave for your pageant. Is the wardrobe is for a girl? She can grow just before the pageant. Are you are a teen or older? You can drastically shift your weight just before the pageant due to stress and hormones. By waiting, you won’t have to alter your wardrobe again. That will save you time and money!

It is important to remember that the judges will actually lower your score for ill fitting wardrobe pieces. They are looking for a snug fit and the gown hem should fall between the one inch off the floor to the floor, any longer and you will trip. With these tips, it will look like a queen who is ready for her first job! Representing yourself well will help you make a fabulous first impression!

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