Pageant platform judges want to hear

How to create a pageant platform the judges want to hear!

Your pageant platform can make or break you in interview! Yes, everyone should have one. It gives you depth. Appearances can be made around it. It even answers why you should be selected as the next queen. Here are some tips on creating a pageant platform that will get you noticed.

You must be passionate about it!

First of all, you should be passionate about your message. For my first Mrs. pageant, I knew I should have a message or pageant platform. My dad had recently died of prostate cancer and so I focused on that. As I spoke, the judges eyes glazed over and I had lost them. My next pageant actually required that I had a nonprofit as part of my platform. I worked with a coach who asked about what I did in my spare time. It quickly became obvious that I was very active in Boy Scouts. This was a program that I knew inside and out. I was passionate about it and I clearly gave time and money to it. As a result of changing my focus, I won my next pageant. So, your platform should be evident on your calendar.

Make it unique!

Second, it has to be something that is different from everyone else. Bullying has become a huge pageant platform! As a judge, I really don’t want to hear one more story about being bullied and how mean people were to you. What I do want to hear is what you did about it. I want to know how it changed you and made you a better person. I would love to hear how you took your experience and reached out to others. This is what makes your story different. By  Therefore, Share your unique story!

Keep it positive!

Third, you need to keep it positive. If your pageant platform is going to have meaning, it will frequently involve overcoming an obstacle. It may start with a negative event or situation. The key is to move forward from that point and create something positive! I have a dear friend who was sexually molested as a child. She has touched so many lives by sharing how she turned her life from tragedy to triumph. So, by keeping your story or pageant platform positive, the judges will actually want to hear all about it.

One last tip.

Finally, make sure that you have a “shared reality”. We frequently are familiar with the medical terms and lingo of a group or cause. Assume that the judges don’t know anything about the subject on which you are speaking. Explain any words or acronyms to the judges the first time you use it, then feel free to use it the rest of the time. Now you have a shared reality.

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